An announcement to the Irish

living in Ireland that is roll eyes

The heat wave is over sigh

Raining raining, always raining moping

Seriously scratching my head here wondering....
how can anything that never began, ever be over confused
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nope your right itchy it cannot be over until it began laugh
Enjoy the rain Ms. Witch. I'd much rather be in the rain right now. It's registering in the upper 90s as we speak. And humidity is a bit high.
I'll give it a shot (your filosofical questioni):

Well... there are things that basically just is, and the beginning of it we hardy noticed.
Rite... it snuck upon us, et voila! there it is (like in the hit song BOOOM THERE IT IS YA:: BOOM THERE IT IISS rolling on the floor laughing , remember that one?lol). And then - well it can end..

How was that try?
I don't understand double Dutch Oz confused
So might that mean, it is yet to come yay

wave Red
And you enjoy the heat Ms Jones cool
And here half the population is praying for rain.
Each individual may only use 50 litres of water per day.blues
Fair enough Luke but I am not there... I'm here stuck in puddles instead of sunshine sad

soon it will be winter again which is going to be our worst in decades....
a little sun, that's all I want crying

thanks for the flowers and rest assured I shall water them well conversing

It's raining here in Wales, too. yay

The June and July heatwave forecast has thankfully only been a few days as we near the end of June. Everything is growing lush and green. applause
Ahh.. I probably made up my own reality again hehe.

What did this sentence mean in your blog:
"how can anything that never began, ever be over"
was this a referance to the weather? passed over my head you see.
Given July hasn't come yet, are you not counting your chickens a little early?

At least you got a few days, here in the west of Ireland we got confused one.
It doesn't matter Oz.
Nope, just grateful for the relief of cooler, rainy days.

If there are more over the next few weeks, I'll be grateful for them, too.

I'm grateful for temperate conditions where temperate ought to be, both in the now and for the future of the planet. If the sunshine comes to us, rather than us going to the sunshine, it portends our end.
The weather you can say is pretty much like certain things ...
if you get too much of a good thing, you tire of it.... get too little, you're always wanting it.

Now, if only we could get the balance right within our own hands....
wouldn't that be ideal.
Our summer is announced opened from about 10th of July.
Around the 12th a dip occurs,,
and then for the recovery we'll have to wait about 360 days rolling on the floor laughing


We have those boys here tonight conversing

aha.... well will you notify me when they're gone?
Then I'm supposed to roll in in my
handsome little engilsh two seater with cool glasses on
and a leather jacket too.... looking for the real deal that is still crying her
eyes out over some dude who left her hanging... grin
and once again.... you've lost me confused

Me thinks you're doing it on purpose roll eyes
Shit maybe I am... propping myself up to be a poet... when I'm more of a couch-potet blushing

It's Don Henley who sings "I can tell you my love for you will still be strong, after the boys of summer has gone"
get it now?
When those hunks have left give me a call. bouquet
That would nearly be me Rob.... only for she's smiling giggle

And are you willing to stay awake all night long till I call batting

wink can i answer that tomorrow... mi eyelids r kinda heavy and ... ehh....yawn


- - - - - wink
Maybe you're better off avoiding me when I've become psychologically disturbed ..
what to be able to run away from myself as well help

Indonesia is just a return ticket away.. and it's Mango season now. grin bouquet
Your problem is you only learned single Dutch, now Double Dutch requires much more concentration,
and at least two grams of cocaine! this the weather channel? wow

Here it's hot and sticky...
Tomorrow will be hot and sticky too!
Today I'll go for a swim.dancing
And what may I ask is cocaine confused
If it were the weather channel, todays for cast would be rain again doh

Sick & tired of it now sad

Think I'll go to bed and stay there for the day crying

I thought it mostly rains in Spain across the plain?
Yes, something like that!.dancing

ItchyWitchy, you can send us a bit of rain,
Before we all go insane.doh
We only had rain during Friday night. Before that I don't remember when it rained. I took to watering the garden, with a bucket, in case there was a hose ban.
I have two daughters who both live near Dublin and whilst I'm rushing about trying to cover up my patio furniture and bits, their busy taking theirs out. East and south mostly always get it best but here in the west northwest included, always get it worst... We have either a 12 or 24 hrs rain warning fall for the west today, heaviest down pours, need I say it, Galway.. crying

How lucky are you not living in the wrong side of Ireland....
Think I'll pack up the broom and fly east.

Ps Remember Mannion's for-cast that made her famous laugh
taken salthill, Galway.

I was in Galway for a year on a contract but I don't remember the rain. I always intended to move to the west like a lot of emigrants do from Dublin.
I do remember Teresa Mannion, I don't have a TV so I pictured her blowing off the pier in Salthill, haha.

Isn't Ireland great, you'd never be stuck for a conversion starter.

I wonder what was the longest conversation ever, about the weather, before you got down to the more serious concerns of the day.

You could always spend a few weekends in sunny Dublin with your daughters, go to some venues and forget about the rain for a while.
Corrected my post.

Upon re-reading that last post it didn't look right.
It should have been 'we' or 'one'.

Right you are Merlot, I could spend a few days with the daughters, which is in the plans for pretty soon but the thing is, I had someone coming to finally lay my crazy paving, but over those days, all it done was rained rained and more rain again.... the exact same thing happened last year moping

Anyways hopefully it will clear in a day or two allowing calm sailing for a family get together..rose

cheers Merlot, I love Enya wine
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