The Legacy of Trump - A SCOTUS loaded with malevolent conservatives

that is indeed his most potent and divisive legacy. America can look forward to many years of division.

Land of the free? Or of the free white male?
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Think you're blowing it out of proportion.
They did not come to his aid when his last election victory was snatched
from underneath him literally speaking in the twelfth hour.
Aware you don't believe it happened (cool) but what I'm saying is,
Scotus refused to touch it.

Being a well educated gentleman yourself I take for granted you know
the 9 top of the range men end women on that panel are
especially selected human beings sorted for their balanced and suitable abilities.
This blog is divisive but I'd argue Scotus is not and will not be.
Not everything in this world revolve around abortion you know.
Besides, what it's a bout this time is to let the states decide for themselves.
So evein if a deep red state gets 'difficult' you can always drive an hour extra
to cross over to a lib state et voila! -
kill all the babies you want.
Just wanna mention: Malta: total ban, Poland partial ban.
And what would you know about Amerika the bytch, seeing as you are a TV land foreigner ?
Talk about coming to anyone's aid. Grande you at times talk big and speak highly of the usa and the rule of law here and the desire that government not interfere in our rights as noted in our constitution's 1st and 2nd amendments. I often have wondered if your dialog is hallow or not so I ask you, "would you come here to the aid of u.s. citizens (in person) if these amendments were seriously being threatened by hostilities from strong nations like russia, china, india etc? Would you physically come here to help us like u.s. citizens have helped your nations there. hmmm
loaded with constitutional judges.

the 2nd, 14th, and 10th amendments were used. all upholding rights and/or, returning power to the states or people. feds didn't belong in much of the grabs they've been trying to usurp control of in the first place.

communism may not keep spreading as fast as we thought after all.

Trump is still helping America even after being rigged out of office.grin
You got me a bit here.
Not cos I would not lay down my life for you as you deserve!
But I have gone off and became a pacifist.
Every fiber in my body would say
"pack the sack, rifle, ammo, and some food rations.
Oil the gun, fill the water bottle, brush the boots
and go meet Gals at meeting point at 0800.
Go help your bro against the enemy, fast as you can!
But I'm afraid now I can't do it.

On a jokeful note: maybe you can send me out as connon fodder??!! laugh
thumbs up Rah! Semper Fi
I can run towards them dressed like a scare crow.. waving crazily with my arms
hoping at least ten men will empty their rifle at me rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Cheers wine
(see above), Trump is still "helping" so, exactly?.......confused
When appointed, no Congressmen asked them if they were lying - would of caused great moral outrage.
Now we know they were lying and if under oath would be quickly removed from office.
Well now they've really doubled down and really put the cat amongst the pigeons, haven't they?
That's sure to spread peace in the land of justice and freedom, don't you think? Maybe not so much!
Definition of malevolent
1: having, showing, or arising from intense often vicious ill will, spite, or hatred
2: productive of harm or evil

Wanting the right to violently rip apart an innocent human being in the womb has nothing to do with conservatives and everything to do with those who say abortion is healthcare and the vaccine should be enforced.

Leftist 'peaceful protests' usually result in violence, looting, vandalism, death and destruction. Conservatives get arrested for entering 20,000 pound doors that are opened for them. I've yet to see a conservative loot, burn or murder anyone. Wish I could say the same from those 'peaceful' protesters of the left.

The belief that endless numbers of people can be accommodated on a finite planet....
If Trump will be your next president:
Good night, America
Odds Givers are layin,' money Bigly that The Don Will be the Next POTUS ...

Also that Both House & Senate will go 'Publican in this year's Mid-Terms.


The Roe Ruling was really kinda Bland.

It by No Means outlawed abortion - Merely got SCOTUS out of Makin' Law -
And Returned that function to the Legislative Branch - Where it Rightly Belongs.

Goin' back to the 90s, even the late Justice Ginsberg pointed out that Roe was based on Weak Legal Reasoning.

Try telling that to the women who have to make cross country journeys. This is going back to the dark ages. The age of enlightenment American style. Oh and it is not going to impact contraception or gay marriage ... well their honours assure you so, so it must be so, mustn't it.
The poor, will travel "cross country" the better off, will fly to places, like Thailand, I imagine
It's not that many years ago, more or less roe wade years, since such interstate journeys were being made in Australia. No longer here at least 'Gott' sei Dank
That's too deep. Nothing so disastrous has happened for 6½ million years, so why now?. The swarming billions can multiply, but they can't add. Actually, abortion has almost no effect in worldwide overpopulation. People are living longer than they did 100 years ago. Many scientists say there is no reason that ageing cannot be curtailed, or even reversed. There is no reason, then, to believe that very many old farts will volunteer for suicide to make room for new up-and-comers. So prospects are grim.
They are grimmer than most realise, the trouble is that anyone who dares to say this, (or even dares to think this) is howled down, with "the miracle of god's creations", (and other such nonsense). That is the trouble, you me (and others), will be dragged into the shit, by the sheer number of multiplying morons.. .
interesting. the court returns power and authority back to the states and people to decide abortion laws.

and people lose their effing minds.

there is nothing healthy about abortion. there is nothing healthy about a life style that doesn't practice and have responsibility and self accountability.

there is nothing healthy about freeloading off of the tax payers to be irresponsible.

the states will once again, make up their legislation. if some one is so irresponsible that they feel they should travel across state lines some where to kill something they should have been more careful about; how is it any different than if they wanted to cross state lines for fun? isn't the "fun" with out being responsible what got them there in the first place?
Weak legal reasoning is the Corner stone of Amerika the bytch & the bedrock bedroom bedlam of Hollywood California.

If only you out of Town Piper's knew when to go for a pint at yonder general house.

Epstein himself ..kill did not.- Yoda
McCarthy himself.. procedure lost in Army.- ripper

Meaning, Joe was given the Case by FBI & Dept. Of Army. Thus the opposition had to out procedure Joe via TV majek.
@drag the male legislators of the various states will dictate the laws and the females willy nilly will make the journeys. That surely is the issue, and the reason for rightful protest.

There's nothing healthy about breeding like rabbits, either! Look at the state of the environment, for phucks sake!
then maybe they should have never stopped teaching about self accountability and responsibility.

i'm sure doing what you want with no consequences is healthy, reliable, and sane. right?

the environment is fine. it's the worthless politicians, lack of values, ethics, and education that are continually suffering.
No, the environment isn't fine mate, if you think that, then you are living in a fools paradise...
And btw, your average person, isn't all that charming, either. Certainly not so charming, that Mother Nature, can suffer endless amounts of them...
i think i'm starting to understand the fuss about abortion. there are some that think it's an awesome type of population control for the planet.

even with roughly 1/2 to 1 million a year in the u.s. being torn apart due to irresponsibility and little to no respect for life, it doesn't make an impact.

yet the same people yell about a school shooting, where local agencies failed miserably, claiming to care about life.

get back to values and ethics. it could be rough trying to uphold the lines at times, but things were still much better. there really were consequences for your actions.
No, incorrect, actually. Birth Control was developed in the '60's it's called "the pill"
In the Majority Opinion - Justice Alito described Roe as "Egregiously Bad Law".
Malevolent Conservative(?) Justice, RBG warned of essentially The Same 30 Years Ago

The SCOTUS Roe Ruling did Not outlaw abortion -
It Overturned a badly reasoned previous ruling.

Hard core Right To Lifers clam SCOTUS Should've ruled against Abortion (rather than the "extraordinarily weak" legal reasoning of Roe) by applying the Equal Protection clause of the 14th Amendment to the Life of the Unborn - but Failed to Do So.

BOTH Sides are OverStating/Celebrating/Decrying the Roe Ruling -
It's not Nearly such a "THE SKY IS FALLING!! Event as it's bein' made out to be.

Roe was written in such a way that states could pass Right To Life restrictions that Effectively Banned abortion -
So women in such states have already been traveling to Neighboring Pro Abort States for Years.

Example -
Wisconsin enacted restrictions that had reduced the number of abortion clinics in the state to Three & women have been traveling considerable distances.

With the Roe Ruling, Planned Parenthood closed those last three clinics.
Women will travel to Minnesota or Illinois for abortions.

That's Less Convenient, but Definitely Not having to travel "cross country".

It's the Same distance Packer fans travel to see Vikings or Bears games.

Traveling for the purpose of a Medical Procedure is nothing New.
Daughter was living in rural Wisconsin & became pregnant while using an IUD.
The small town health care facility regarded the situation as beyond their capacity to deal with & she had to travel to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

A song written some time ago; but whose words, now ring more true, than ever!!!

A carping american male and the loss of a right of choice.
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Ah, the joy of an unlimited amount of babies!!!....just look at places like Bangladesh, to realize the full extent of this "joy".......
Is there anyone here, who is not certifiably insane; who does not think that this should be slowed down, a bit? (ever so slightly, of course)....

Does anyone REALLY want this: (above)? many of the SCOTUS's bothered to study their population biology at school???

No one has answered the question, yet, I've noticed...

dunno confused
Are babies popping out, like a plague of rabbits, a good thing, or not? (See worldometers link, above), if you think you can cop it....
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