Happy Soltice and summer on the farm.

We need to change our ancient calendar. As far as nature appears, it is actually the end of July. Who needs 100 degrees! Either my hens are laying eggs in the woods, that 25 sow coon I just shot was raiding, or it is too hot for them to lay. I did get a hatch of 4 chicks. They are safe with mom in a cage in the coop. I think the tail feathers and color is indicating one at least is a rooster.sigh Oh well..did lose 2 or 3 old roosters so guess there is room.
Did chores this morning cause tenant is gone for weekend. Went after my guy headed for home so late like noon. And found 6 eggs.confused So...woods theory? Coon? Or...do I have an egg sucking hen? Time will tell.
Happy to have a field under til again that has been fallow for 25 or more years. Problem is sand. And renter said has to do crop for a couple years to kill off grass and weeds and then plant to hay. Rains were regular and corn looks good. Well..sand good. But, now if dont get rain Saturday, afraid the corn will drought out. Good part tho is I can hunt arrowheads and dont have to take the tractor to mow off scrub trees every year.
Hunting a different area than where the main village was and found a spearhead. Almost complete. I do flint knapping. I start out with a big stone, work it to do an spear point and when I am done, end up with a scrapper or bird point. Didn't say I was GOOD at it.rolling on the floor laughing frustrated
I looked this one over..why did he toss it. And have enough skill to see the fracture. If he had gone farther, it would have taken off the whole side. Give him credit. Get so far and toss. I cant give up. Hope springs eternal til it cracks. Found a chip, and two scrapers.
I have two sites listed with the state. In that field and up by my house. I treasure the arrowheads as the artifacts of the ancestors of my spirits I have growing up on this farm.
Noticed debris on floor in barn. It is the swallow nest that was up on the beam. Hope the babies had left. I think a cat climbed up the stall post and reached to grab. The pair are flying in and out. Yelled, build in the center morons!
Finally went off farm to the next town to view cars going through in the Great Race. 1918 to 1984 is the base for years. One Auburn boattail, 52 Hudson, 50s Cadis, Stutz racers. And HOT sun!
90s again today.
My potato tires are bursting over with plants. Buckets are doing good, tomatos, summer squash, beans.
I got fed up with seeds and more seeds back to 09. So did flats and seeded flowers. And...some are sprouting. So crazy to toss seeds every year like some do. Especially at todays prices. I need to reduce to one container of seeds..not THREE!
We are heading to winter again. No wood has appeared in my shed yet. Pile is in field. Promises, promises and ends up waiting til November. I swear I am going to buy a new chain saw and not rely on men!doh
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