A master guitarist with a patriotic sousa

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Perfect left and right hand - what a guitarist he was - shame about the pick!
Classical is harder to play, I believe. I play a bit of steel-string, accoustic, semi-accoustic; and electric. When I swap to classical, I find the neck too wide, and am not nearly fluent, enough. Swapping between these instruments, is not all that desirable, I find. btw, I added a link to one of your other guitar blogs...about the difference between classical guitars in various price ranges. I can hear a clear difference between the $200 classical, and the $2000 classical; but struggle to hear the difference from there. No doubt these blokes probably have a better musical ear, than me...
you can hear the sustain and overtones in the 20,000 guitar, but of course you cannot get the feel, the playability and that is where you would know. I never had anything quite so good, I remember the Epitaph Riders invading my flat and smashing my then guitar, that caused a fair bit of grief. All those pieces I used to play but not quite so lyrically and probably buzz-infested. Tempting to buy another now but rheumatic fingers are a problem. Brightness, sustain, overtones, feel. Sors Barrios Villa Lobos Bach Tarrega Scarlatti - miss them greatly. The Grigoryan brothers are pretty damned good! Bring on 'Guardame las vacas'
I know where you're coming from, a bit, there; I have a little bit of early onset arthritis...no matter, I still press on, despite a little bit of discomfort...however three hour practice sessions have now become one hour ones, with decreased use of bar chords, and increased use of arpeggios...I actually have only been playing for six years, took it up as a hobby.. have gotten most, but still learning (some) of the jazz arpeggios, probably "noodle" a bit too much, when I practice...they are a delight to play...I love the infinite subtlety of jazz, on any instrument. I bought my three guitars, when I had a half decent win on the pokies. I worked out I had broken, (almost exactly) even over eighteen months, and NEVER played them again! Not even five cents!!!
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