Where does bad shoes go when they die

So I pur-chazed myself a pair of runners today, kinda proud of em'
hardly used and I don't care being intimate with another mans
old sweat. Call me liberal. Only 100kr (10Euro/$). Love them already.

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But where do you dispose of your old ones?
Mine have holes all over them gotta bin them.
Eh, is there another way - I don't think so.
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laugh I don't think so either.

By the way, I hope you 'sanitized' them before use; athlete's foot is contagious.
If you have messy lill pupps or kittens around , you can donate your old ones to them ..

I guess they'll be very happy to receive the new toy !!! laugh laugh
Would you not take them to the shoe doctor first before writing them off conversing

And if there you're new shoes, perhaps take yourself off to a doctor yourself afterwards giggle

lol hug
If I knew how to send photos from my job android to this mac I'd show you they're beyond grin
I was thinking of stiching them up... but these are cool as steel! hehe

W.A.S.P. - I Don't Need No Doctor

"all I need is my baby"
That's true laugh
If I happen to gain an athlete's foot at my age
I'd consider that a step forward. dancing
I think the shoestrings and the uppers just go away....
but I don't know where their sole goes....
Don't all soles go to heaven dunno

beer beer
I let them off together in one trash-bag as
solemates should never be separated. professor
thumbs up


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I wear Doc Martens...

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Wow those look like they
never had it better thumbs up
Really friendly looking pair heart1
Not all clear there will be so many hunters in that class laugh
Brother Ozzie hug
I am excited and happy too. cheering
That you had wrote a blog. bouquet
After using them send it to me. dancing
It will be honour for me. thumbs up
Stay Happy and Safe. peace
Hiii timo, long time!
Right, they are Asics hehe
The best there is.
How much is one pair new in Peshawar?
Like a mid range good joggers?
Our prices start at 100$, and mine was 1/10th of that..
we're talking saving the planet ha' grin purple heart
I see you still haven't figured out where they go conversing

Me thinks if they don't get to rest in peace, they have the means to become the walking dead uh oh
What does that mean? if you don't mind me asking

Give it to a scavenger.
I'll answer that once (don't want this blog to develop into one
about my lack of hygiene...mumbling )
It means I will not do like Didi suggest in the first comment;
disinfect them.

But what do you do when they are beyond repair/reuse?

The point of this blog as to say that plenty of clothes and shoes are in the category completely used up, you just will not give them on to a second hand shop. And what happens to such rubber and nylon etc?
Burned? Stored?
And what is my answer to this environmental disaster? Don't have a good one..
but... to keep the shopping of new items to a minimum I suppose.dunno

As you see the sneakers I bought yday I bought used (the picture)
Those shoes you have purchased are Aasics..They are comfortable wear.

I pay up to $300 for my gym shoes..I throw them out when they die

Wish our shoes were as cheap as you pay
Right, they are Asics hehe
The best there is.
How much is one pair new in Peshawar?
Like a mid range good joggers?
Our prices start at 100$, and mine was 1/10th of that..
we're talking saving the planet ha.
peace bouquet hug
Here a expensive joggers are Rupees 5000.
I never use joggers.
Suggestion of saving planet is good idea. thumbs up
I use to wear Aasic for the gym I now wear Nike fly knits

I have a variety of these shoes in different colours to match my gym wear

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I buy my Doc Marten's second hand and I've only had to clean one pair before use.They either arrive already cleaned, or mostly tried on, but never actually worn.

If they get to the stage of being too tatty to walk any more miles in them, they get relegated to gardening/DIY/cleaning workwear. After that, they become plant pots. I haven't worked out how to reuse, or recycle them after that, but if I missed the plant pot stage, I might be able to take them to the local recycling centre. I'll look into that, but I might not get to that stage again within my lifetime.

I buy most clothes second hand. Mostly they're of such high quality fabrics I can salvage and reuse them after they wear out to make other things. There are plenty of places to recycle what little is left over after that.

Wearing clothes until they're threadbare is often frowned upon as a bloke thing, or a lack of status thing. Likewise, second hand clothes are often frowned upon. We need to get over ourselves, get creative and prioritise our planet above our egos.
People need to stop getting shitty with those of us who work our arses off to earn a crust..Absolutely nothing wrong with second hand items whether it be clothes or shoes or furniture..Purchasing expensive footwear for intense workout sessions has sweet [email protected] all to do with ego
I buy a lot of new things at goodwill. Send about two boxes every month and my relatives who are not very fortunate are so happy and tears swell up their eyes with gratefulness. When I was in Sydney I found the Red Cross selling so many European unused designers clothes like Rslph Lauren, Armani half the price in boutique stores.

I don't see anything wrong in knowing where to shop them for such a great price.

My Underarmor and Nike shoes are all in the low $300 mark brand new but there's a great goodwill in the market area in Embarcadero half of the price in the outlet. So many rich people throw out their stuffs with tags stoi on them.

Lucky me, I'm petite and hardly anyone buys my sizes. Kind of like the millionaires buy them waiting to get skinny but never do and then donate them there. I sm having fun buying all ky expensive stuff there.
I'm so appalled with how you look at things as all about ego. Why don't you tell your condescending foul ideas to all the designers like Armani, Lauren Gucci, etc.

My gosh you're such a person full of disdain.
I didn't say everything has to be bought second hand because, if you think about it, that would be a physical impossibilty. wink

Also, if you think about it, taking a general statement about ego as a personal accusation and affront is just a teensy-weensy bit ironic. giggle
I think you were truly poking a bad nerve in your comment Jac. Nothing is wrong in second hand but talking about ego on buying clothes is a bit dramatic for your pride as a proud second hand owner.

I bought mostly all of my clothes from designer's stores until I discovered goodwill which is now a huge business in America. Mentioning about worn out clothes being frowned upon is out of line when one just mentioned a top dollar in buying their gym shoes.
For sure, it's not my intention.

Whatever you will do to your belonging is none of my business. And I am sorry for not reading the comments. I just read your blog, and something made me wonder due to my poor English.

I don't wear shoes till they are beyond repair so I still can give them away.

Actually, that is the answer to my question.
When I read your blog, I wondered. I thought you bought the second hand shoes. I wanted to ask you straightforwardly like "Are you saying that you bought second hand shoes?", but I feared it's not what I thought it was. So I asked you a different question to avoid misunderstanding. But then you thought it's about the lack of hygiene, when it's not.

Anyway, there is nothing wrong with buying second hand items, I agree with what Mercedes said. I did buy some second hand wardrobes made of Kayu Jati (Tectona grandis) from my brother. New ones are ridiculously expensive. However, when it comes to something I wear, I don't buy used ones. I always bought them new.. I just waited till they're on sale. grin
Hohoho your blog I s going sideways but where to turn them to when already useless? Garbas comes to mind. wave
Don't get me wrong, as a tailor, I can wallow in the art form and recognise how emotionally expressive it can be.

However, the fashion industry has become a huge environmental and humanitarian issue. We simply can't go on using up the Earth's resources (including human resources) so frivolously. We're currently an estimated eight years away from reaching, I think it's six of the eight environmental tipping points, beyond which we will not be able to recover.

We've reversed the hole in the ozone thing and we still have time to reverse our other critical environmental issues, but we have to act fast. That's why so much is changing so rapidly at the moment - we're at the panic stage of our existence.

We all need to re-evaluate every single thing we do that has an impact upon the environment. Each of us will have things we need to prioritise to function, whether that's an office suit, gym shoes (they're PPE), or whatever. None of need to wear a top once and then bin it to landfill.

We should value our grandchldren more than the latest Gucci handbag.
And we humans have destroyed (and made extinct I think) half of the good bacteria species in our gut. This has been progressively occurring over the past 100 years. So think about that one too. help
Is there something called bacteriolog? beer
Right Jac, the garbage / consumption is excessive.
You just simply have to bin them! That's it! crying purple heart
I don't know.

Well done on doing your bit. That along with keeping old cars going must be helping. thumbs up
Here in Aus we have garbage sorters

The garbage sorter is high-tech equipment that can automatically classify mixed garbage. The garbage sorter can carry out a subsequent comprehensive treatment and full recycling of garbage, achieving the goal of zero landfills of garbage for recycling in the next step.
I like your thinking here. Here in my country second hand is good business.
They don't make quality as them used to anymore,
so remaking new from old is a fun idea, that might even sell..
I can use a sawing machine by the way. handshake
Although we have used clothing stores and recycling, I'm sure a lot of things end up in the landfill because, for some people, it's the easy way out. Even though we've known for decades that we're destroying the earth, many people either don't believe it or don't care. I always buy my footwear new. It has nothing to do with pride, vanity or ego. I walk to and from work five days a week. It's a 45-minute walk each way and I do it in all weather. I need good, supportive footwear that will last for several years.
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