Saanch Ko Aanch Nahin.

Albert Einstein was speaking to a faculty group.

His concluding remark was, “Gentlemen, the deeper that I delve into the sci­ences of this universe, the more clearly I believe that one God or force or influence has organized all of it for our discovery.”

All the hurt games and worst behaviours are psychological disorders, means they are actions of the evil spirits.

Jesus taught only to love all, respect all, do not judge others, forgive others, be helpful to others, and not to do anything that is harmful to others.

still people do it why?
because they do not have
faith in God .. where there
is no belief.. there enters

Eckhart says..
“I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life”

Every living and non loving things have birth and death. It's in our scripture.Belive including our planets.

Right now....
The world is a scary place to live in !! It's a punishment for a child to be born here !

(see for eg... brianna case)

Even as an adult, Im scared to live in this world.

RAD.... syndrom runs in this
world right of nowsad flower

Only God alone can help.
A strong faith in God and his Son, Jesus Christ, and their divinity.

A Church that insists that its members obey all of the Ten Commandments.
Repentance from personal sin.
Accepting the deity of Christ
Believing in the virgin birth
Accepting the bodily resurrection of Jesus
Believing in the Trinity.

My sheep know My voice and they follow Me.

God does not want robots. No he wants people to choose to love him out of love. Without free will there can be no love.

Join a good church where you feel comfortable.
Martin Luther was quick to point out God gift is whole and complete and nothing you need to do but receive it.

Learning about his life is a must for any human being who values his own life and that might be all you need to know. Look for “The Life and Teachings of Jesus”

I see Jesus Christ, God in flesh who died for the sins of humanity.

“God is near to us yet we are far from Him.”
because... No.... Faith.

crying moping
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A well constructed blog which shows you have thought and researched the subject and have strong belief.
The problem now is that people have developed in their intelligence and question things that were written thousands of years ago to an audience that was very receptive to an explanation that was simple. Maybe it was right and still is, but there needs to be a revelation to answer the questions that thinking people ask today, especially when there are so many different religions and beliefs. If God was faced with the situation we are all in, I think he would understand that a bigger explanation was now required to clarify the true meaning of life.

hello sweetheart.... thanking
you for the remarks...

all i pray and wish is... God
should help us.... away from
evil people... nothing more
kiss hug cheers
I'm sure that if there is a superior force, then it knows who the evil ones are. thumbs up
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