Steven brown paint by numbers picture

Started a few months ago and now finished and mounted on a board ready for my daughter-in-laws birthday.

She loves Steven Browns art, so i thought i would do this for her office.grin

trying hard to up load photo but cannot find very mad dam tech stuff its changed from before

nope will not let me upload pic blues
Embedded image from another site

applause applause
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Hi ExRed wave
Any pictures? bouquet
having hard time finding them still trying grin
sorry something going on with cs pictures it will not let me upload mumbling
Keep trying Red, just by chance you might get it....
but just as long as she does, ain't that the main thing conversing

having said that, I would love to see it so I'll be watching this space for a while wave
At last photo here, as you said celtic try try and try again.
Excellent stuff Red, I knew you could do it applause

I'm sure your daughter inlaw shall enjoy the art work also....
you really are talented with your hands and good for you keeping them active hug

Have to say though, that picture of the hairy bull looks an awful lot like an old ex of mine....
its kind of spooky the resemblance uh oh lol

Enjoy you day there little lady bouquet

It's bad enough having people talking a load of BULL on here.... doh
But, not satisfied with just that, they're now uploading pictures of said BULL as well... typing



use the Direct Link along with the CS IMG-Tags.
It's such great therapy to have a hobby. I love your bull.
laugh laugh Star giggle
some folk just dont hear so i thought the pic would do it laugh laugh
Conrad thanks will try applause
Thanks unfazed its paint by number for grown-ups grin but boy its hard. I could only do an hour at a time but still good jumping from hobby to hobby i never get bored teddybear
Love the pic! Really looks great, Exred.thumbs up wine
It does look difficult. I think there 10 colours on the nose alone. It's not just pink. Well done.

nice painting, looks great! Congrats! thumbs up
thank you blushing Didi
Thanks Merlot but i keep thinking of the painter he did many animals all the same way, must have took some doing to end up with an amazing picture applause
Thanks robrt you paint pictures with words grin teddybear
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