Your hero's throughout your years...

Taken and inspired from another blog which seems to of vanished....
So anyhow nerd

We grew up with them and obviously, looked up to them also, but over the years, have you changed your view regarding yours, as in everything you expected them to be? or did they disappointed you instead?

Despite fancying the pants "as little as they might be" from superman.....
and looking up to Lady Hawk for being the best, lets keep our hero's real.

So unless its too personal a question roll eyes
who were/are your top three hero's throughout the years?
Reasons why and etc are welcome

My top three, oddly enough are all women... well obviously cheering

Two I stumbled upon over the years, My Lady, Mary Magdalene and Pope Joan, the other perhaps she is my personal favorite of the three, possibly because I've looked up to her too for as long as I can remember... she too is another Joan bowing angel angel angel

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Pope Joan bowing

Since there is no nice song yet about my Lady Mary ....
I'll pair her up with whom she belonged to/with heart wings

heart wings
ItchyWitchy, the other heros blog is still there!

I haven't got any hero.
I've never looked up to anybody.dunno
Oops and so it is.....hole
and there was me looking for a little bronzed man sitting on a tin can.

Everyone has a hero, would you like me to find you ....
no one should be without one comfort
I look up to anyone and everyone who protect and saves other’s lives, especially if they injure themselves or give up their life to save another life. Ideally, my hat is off to most first responders, trauma nurses and doctors, active military personnel and other veterans, war protestors …. as well as liquid and solid waste collectors, custodians and life guards … to name a few…. (and one person Wo will remain nameless to avoid criticism and controversy.)
Find you " one" doh
Nice one Gal, I almost agree with you wine
I used to like Ivan Lendel the tennis player.
And Chris Evert Lloyd I had a crush on her!
Do they qualify?
Churchill for sure and nowadays the man Galrads mentioned
9x5 thumbs up
Find me an Irishman, but not a hero, please..wink called?
Here he is!
The law of Attraction/Manifestation applause

Don't bother ItchyWitchy.
He's been here all along.

All I need is come to Ireland now..dancing
I may have to take some heroine to get through the day to deal with all this heroics. rolling on the floor laughing
laugh laugh top marks for being so quick with that one thumbs up
Sometimes Dani they can be standing right beside us without us knowing who, or what they are...
happy to know you've found yours wine

Now tell me, have you ever watched THE HOLIDAY conversing

We could swap but only If I'm allowed to be Cameron, I do love an English gent smitten

At least you've managed to get that little bronzed arse of yours off the tin can ....
which is a good start to help you get through the day wink

And my apologies, I really had thought your blog vanished otherwise I'd never of brought out this one.

Anyways, hope you like flowers bouquet
No, I havent. dunno

As for some being right on our doorstep, I know what you mean.
But, as you know, the other side of the fence is always greener.
Itchy, YES I have seen that film and really liked it thumbs up
It was an enjoyable movie, and I really loved Kates English cottage, a house like that I'd love to have to call homelove
Yes, I'd love to have the same house/cottage, but in beautiful Ireland. love
In my youth sports stars were my heroes.

But the older I got, the more open to the world I became, I realized my hero all my life was my dad. He was a great man.
Nice one Mb thumbs up
I think when it comes to hero's and parents and as we grow older, we admire them more.

Dads wine

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