What is Success really?

I wish I was rich and famous, I’ll take powerful too if I can get it,
And then I know I’ll be really happy, because then I will have
Everything I want, I’ll have all the richs and all the things and all
The respect that money and power brings, (look, I’m even rhyming
By accident) and when I die there will be a monument erected for
Me because I was loved so much! Right?.....WRONG!

Now I know there are rich and famous and powerful people who
May be happy because they got what they wanted, but I know that
Would not work for me, because while I WANT to be rich and famous
(Not too pushed on the powerful bit) should I ever get there I would
Consider myself a failure because I would not be happy and would
have wasted my time in this experience,
Success for me will be measured not in what I have, but in what I have
Not, and the only way to achieve real success in this experience in my opinion
is to not focus on what you want, but to do the simplest and yet the hardest
Thing, find within yourself your hearts true desire and follow that desire
To the end.
I know I have said the obvious but sometimes you can’t see the wood
For the trees, and there's no harm in reminding ourselves every so often.
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And some more words of wisdom, from the Irishman. smitten

I agree, for me success is what I have achieved up till now and enjoying my life as it is.

I was never after money, or fame, nor power!
Well said Danielle and thanks for commenting, I like the pic with the horse, they are
so easy to connect with, lovely entities.wave
I knew eventually you'd ask one I'd have to bow out from.....and this one is it.
Who you're talking to ItchyWitchy?
The Irishman?
The pic with the horse was taken before the Covid lockdowns.
This was my favourite horse that I use to sponsor and look after in an equine centre.

A beautiful story to share around our campfire ....love
Yes to him conversing

so stop eavesdropping scold

pulling your leg Dani hug
Oh, ok. Was it Gaelic?
There are two ways to define Success , I think !

First ,
How the World outside Sees You..

Second ,
How Do You See Yourself ..

And IF there is a conflict between these two , I think , It's upto your own satisfaction at the end of the day ..

It does not matter whether Everybody else is Pleased by You
Against You ,

What matters most is , Are You Ready To Face Yourself !! dunno

It's ONLY my Personal Opinion though wave
Success means many things to many different people.
Success is when a plan is made and it works.
Success may be passing a test or getting a career you want.

Having Success comes with responsibility in maintaining it.

Success in a relationship with people is having a good relationship of self first.

Success for some could be actually meeting a love interest here up close and maybe personal.

How we measure Success varies. To say where we overcame a bad habit or a sickness

Just because we see wealthy folks like Elon Musk or everybody's favorite DJT or famous actors and actresses who are worth millions to billions even trillion it won't buy them a moment extra if they are dying with cancer or Covid or some other disease.

Success to me is having the love of your life stand beside you through every trial and good moments in your life.

40 years having nothing but failure with that it's hard to believe in any remote success.

You can't buy respect you must earn it. You can't love either. You can't buy success you have to work it.

It may have taken Thomas Edison 100 failures before the one successful light bulb was invented.

It may take 100 slaps in the face until that 101th girl says yes.
I agree Ninurta.thumbs up
How we measure it.... I like and can relate to most thumbs up
laugh Dani.... enjoy your night there wine
If I have all the basic things in place to survive comfortably another few years then I consider myself successful. thumbs up
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