If you had know then what you know now, what would you do?

Did you know a picture is worth a thousand words? If I had know that then, I'd have taken a
picture of my ex!
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I'd of walked away whilst I could, before I could not.
I know a picture is worth a thousand words

Is this why men - and women - like to send a pic of their "attributes", because they can't find the words to describe them? laugh
Going with the picture, I can't resist what's popped into me head conversing

And do pardon how cheesy it is, the clip that is hole

but the words are lovely very happy

I never knew that when all else fails, comfort can be found remembering how good it felt, having your arms around someone, if I had known that then... I'd of hugged you more sad
Just to wrap up any confusion concerning my above comment....

Without saying her name/title, it was aimed having thoughts of my mother in mind.. heart wings
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