FROM INDIA WITH LOVE PART 10D The Orient Express continued from 10C

Continued from part 10C...........
The man stood up and walked towards a distant corridor.
Teen spoke, He's leaving now. Be careful.
Crown moved quickly and followed Asimov. He was just about in sight, then disappeared. Crown approached cautiously. There were two remaining carriages. The last one was used as an observation room with a rear exit that enabled people to stand safely at the train's extremity. No one was there, presumably thought Crown, they were all dining in their compartments or the restaurant. As Crown entered this last section, an arm grabbed him round the neck. It was such a tight hold that he couldn't breathe. Crown kicked back at Asimov's shins. The grip slackened. Now an elbow to his stomach. They both faced each other. Asimov had metal knuckle protectors and lashed out at Crown who was stunned by the force and crashed the ground. Asimov produced a gun, but Crown managed to throw a chair at him, knocking the weapon from his hand. The Russian ran to open the rear exit door, and climb the short ladder to the roof. Crown followed. Asimov was about one carriage distance from Crown, who now had his own gun to hand. The train was at full speed and balance was difficult to maintain. Asimov faced Crown and produced a knife. Crown could have shot him there, but he saw another option. If he could engage the Russian with a moments conversation, and keep him focused in his direction.
Well, Asimov, I could shoot you now.
Why don't you then?
Because I have other plans for you.
Asimov laughed. Like what?
Those were his last words. Crown lay flat on the carriage roof. Asimov was unaware of the impending tunnel. When a body travelling at 70 mph hits a brick wall, the result is terminal. Crown kept flat until the train emerged.
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good reading... thumbs up

This is the story prior to 11 A&B. It may help.
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