Trinidad & Tobago...the land of the Hummingbird.

Just sharing some more interesting information about my homeland...

Yerette, Home of the Hummingbird, is one of the leading visitor attractions in the twin island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. It is located in the lush Maracas Valley, nestled in the Northern Range of the island of Trinidad. Yerette is a hummingbird attraction and provides an opportunity for visitors to experience the magic of the world’s smallest birds up close and personal. Visitors experience hummingbirds in their hundreds and often in their thousands throughout the year. Up to fifteen of the nineteen species of hummingbirds can be found in Trinidad and Tobago, most of which can be seen in a typical visit. (Yerette website). Here are just a few of those beauties...

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wow You guys are sooo lucky to have those magnificent lill creatures as your neighbour !!! love love love
I guess so...banana cheering grin
I've had a Hummingbird feeder deployed in my backyard for about 20 years. They help with keeping down the fly population. They are also a joy to watch as they hover with their long beak inserted into the feeder sucking up sugar water.
That's nice to know, ooby. And yes, they do keep the flies away and are a joy to catch them in motion. Continue to enjoy, and if you ever feel like doing a live eco-tour of the various varieties, and more, you could always wine
I have seen a couple of humming birds neat to see them darting around...
Wonderful pictures, the world is full of beauty if we care to look past our noses peace
Yes, they are a wonder to look at, and a joy to see.teddybear
So true Ex, taking the time to observe such beauties is what many a busy life omits. (sadly)sad flower
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