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The Fool is a name of a guitar played by Eric Clapton when he was in the super group Cream. It started out as a red 1964 Gibson model SG and customized with a psychedelic paint job by a Dutch member of the band The Fool. Clapton used this guitar around 1967. After the breakup of Cream, Clapton passed The Fool to Beatles guitarist George Harrison. From Harrison, The Fool came into the hands of song writer Jackie Lomax. Musician Todd Rundgren had seen The Fool when Cream appeared to the RKO Theater in Flushing New York and knew it's history. There are variances to the story, but I read that Rundgren paid Lomax $500 for The Fool with the condition that he could buy it back in the future. Lomax never asked for the guitar.

The guitar was road worn and Todd had repairs to it that included fixing chips in the finish and replacing a broken headstock.

Forced to raise money for a tax debt, Rundgren auctioned The Fool in 2000 at a price under $150,000. It was later resold to a private collector years later for a reported $500,000. The Fool had undergone hardware changes with different tuners and tailpiece.

Watching a Todd Rundgren documentary, there was mention of a Japanese guitar Luthier who created a replica of The Fool and gave it to Todd, who was quoted saying it sounded better than the original.

Doing some internet research, I see there are a handful of replicas, but only one 'The Fool'.

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The Gibson SG (solid guitar) model is one of the most popular and iconic models that Gibson produced. It was designed by Les Paul and first manufactured in 1961. The SG continues to be their best-selling guitars of all time.

Angus Young from the Australian band AC/DC has been using an SG for many years.

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Interesting !! hmmm
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