Racism lawsuit against Tesla,

For me, this is unreal. Racism is dead in California as far as I'm concerned.

I lived and worked in one of the biggest car industries in the West Coast and as far as I'm concerned, this Racism BS is dead.

There are more Asians, Latinos and Blacks here and the White is now the minority.

Racism? Against Tesla? Think people. The lawyers are probably setting all this up for the money.

"Tesla has denied wrongdoing and says it has policies in place to prevent and address workplace misconduct.

Diaz alleged that his colleagues and a supervisor subjected him to a hostile work environment that included slurs, caricatures and swastikas in his nine months working at the Fremont plant in 2015 and 2016.

A jury had awarded Diaz $6.9 million of compensatory damages and $130 million of punitive damages last October, but Orrick in April said those numbers were excessive."

this is the latest on the 2016 case Diaz' lawsuit against Tesla.

I'm not saying, this feeling of anyone being racially discriminated doesn't exist but with my experience, and being a Tesla, I'm sure money and greed is the factor that motivated this case.
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This blog is inspired by Didi's thread on forum.
if it's the article i read, the $137 mil was knocked back to about 15. court appeal by tesla which cut the pay out drastically. could be cut further should diaz decide to pursue.

i only read one article. the thing i noticed in that article was that every thing was "diaz said". nothing as far as the actual case or any type of play-by-play. it even sported a letter, that i'm certain was taken out of context, from a senior executive. i did choose a more left leaning source so heavy editing, if there is any, was expected.

what got my attention is that fact that there is only one complaint by a lone person.

choose to follow the story if you'd like. i know what things are like at my work place and i can easily picture more one-sidedness for supposed, word(s), that are so loathsome and degrading. the other side of things NOT talked about or expected to change.

i lost interest rather quickly. somehow i don't see it as diaz quite says. there may also be better detailed reports available that should be read. again, i work side by side with the double standards so have little interest in such nonsense over all.
Agreed with you Dragon. That's why I said I wouldn't be surprised if the case was all schemed by big corporate lawyers to manipulate an old sickening issue that was prevalent in the old days.

I lived and worked here and I am telling you, as soon as a company hires new employee, they go through rigorous training to be aware that these acts are sanctioned off in the work environment.
don't get me wrong. there are many in my work place i like working with.

there are others. that just grate because the very vocabulary they would raise a ruckus over are part of their common conversation. it irritates me because if something is truly that offensive, why use it in your vocabulary? seems to be enforced one way only.

the look one the faces of couple of them over time when i mentioned i don't talk like that and would appreciate if they didn't either. there's always at least one, that doesn't care, unless it's directed at them by the "wrong?" person.

lost a good worker over such things. some one used the word, he physically retaliated and both fired on the spot. one for verbal and the other for physical. the verbal person was no big loss. losing the other took a while to get used too when you work with them for years.

There's always that kind of treatment somewhere but in general here in California that's not tolerated and for the companies' policy, it's a must to adhere to these management trainings.
even this lawsuit thing against tesla. there may be or have been others. i would like to have been a fly on the wall to know the real details.

a contract worker which has led to other policy changes at tesla.

quite honestly, i'm not a fan of EVs. tesla is the biggest producer is the u.s. wouldn't hurt my feeling much if the whole ev industry started to collapse.

i don't agree with how the current misadministration is trying to force the not-so-green field on every one. stop pouring tax dollars into the unreliable field and let it fall where it may. we'd save hundreds of billions of dollars. let billion dollar corporations fund their own research and renovations.
With due respect D, Tesla will overcome any troubles because the world is brainwashed in believing that EV will save the planet. I never like EVs myself but with the record breaking speed, HP and Torque, it's so inviting.
also so temporary based on load and distance.

an engineer that used to work with us has one. likes it around state where things are a few hours either way at most. nightmare on the road for true long distance. has to allow extra days for charge times and verify every charging station enroute. not good if your on a time frame.

other draw backs as well. not many maintenance shops available. more potential smog production. other concerns not talked about when being promoted.
I know a little bit about the exaggerated lies how it's saving the planet etc. You factor in all the battery disposal after it's life and I heard that it's more harmful for the environment.
i think they're just scratching the surface of just how impractical ev's might be on many levels.

even elon has noted that it's not a good idea to stop using fossil fuels and such yet.
I agree D. Imagine this fossil fuel is a natural product that comes out of the surface of the earth due to the earth's spinning course, it's bound to ruin the earth anyways if not harvested.

Watch the movie Of Daniel Day Lewis on the Oil natural extraction in Bakersfield and it's easy to understand why it's needed to be used.
That movie is "there will be blood " it shows the natural flow of oil seeped out of the core of the earth as it spins around the sun.
Imagine if this is not harvested, the earth's surface will be all covered with oil.
Well, you know where I stand.
The 300k offered from Tesla was enough in my view.
I agree. I will definitely take it as the useless message to the public about this issue is dead and stale.teddybear
I don't condone any acts that diminishes human value but this case is nothing new. After reading the case and how it all got started there's a view of me that says it's all about money and greed. I live in California and been living here for the last 40 years. I've worked in one of the biggest corporations of car industry in the West Coast since 1988. I was very impressed with how the management structured the company's protection from lawsuits similar to this by making each employee be aware of the dangers of being a victim and a predator of racism. Long contract style tool is given to you to read and sign that you are fully aware of the consequences of your actions. Then a mandatory meetings are part of the process to ensure none of the employees are either a victim or initiator of such acts. A few months before I joined the company there's a lawsuit that got paid out as one of the biggest in California. Since car industry is one of the lifeline of America's economic capitalism that is good for the government and individuals' source of income it is important to understand how equality is amongst the most guarded policy that is required for each employee. My company since then hired more women and minority groups that was promised this equality treatment as a catalyst for change in our society. To prove that racism is going to be completely eliminated.

I am so proud that out of 1000 employees then, I was one of the original woman sales person and the top employee until I retired. They hired more women since then to show that men isn't the best in the industry but because women were not to enticed to work in an environment where women were regarded as inferior. Let alone as one from Asia. I still have my name on the walls of my company as best sales person of the year beating all men about six times a year in each month in spite of the fact that I was the only one allowed to have Sunday and Monday off. To beat me, these men had to work twice the hours I put in. I worked there for 12 years until I moved to Bakersfield.

Racism was rampant before the 80s against women and color specially amongst Asian and Latinos. In the 90s there's hardly any feelings of insecurity about being racially discriminated.

So this case to me is BS big time.

I say it's all about money because these greedy lawyers who'll end up pocketing all the awards are the ones who is setting up the crime. I live here where the white is becoming as the minority. There's more latinos, Asians and blacks here as far as I'm concerned.

No there's no more racially induced activities as far as I know. Cameras are installed in all corridors and rooms to record activities that perpetuate this crime.

I go with Epirb's point. China is the next direction Tesla will consider if this BS continues.


Tesla I s a victim of greed. Period.
#556 hrs ago Former Tesla Worker Rejects $15 Million Payout In Racial Abuse Suit. If it was you...
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As a citizen of this country and live in California for 40 years I know racism is dead. There are more Asians, Latinos and black here more than white people. If racism is felt it should be the white being discriminated. Having said that, the upper and middle management are more of the white race the likes of Pelosi, Newsom and Feinstein.

California is a great haven for people of color. Period. This case is BS big time . It's all a ploy and game of the lawyers whe are probably all white.

"We hope this opens people's eyes to a part of American history that isn't talked about enough, and we think it's a step toward trying to right the wrongs of the past."

It's like it's moving towards the right dire, right?

I've witnessed hardly any racism here since I lived onward from 1982.

During the last 30 years, there's not a single incident that I felt racism was ever allowed and or existed here.
Anybody who says against my opinion is dead set ignorant of my state. And that's my opinion.
Like I mentioned in the other blog I have never felt racially discriminated since I lived here. In my travels, I felt Europe and Australia is far reaching in their denial of equality and the white people are so racist amongst others specially of color.
North Hollywood Filipino family calls attack caught on video hate crime

A woman claims the man seen in the video bumped them from behind in the McDonald's drive-thru line and began hurling racial slurs.

Socrates, I've seen so many intended accidents for money and yes, possibly hate tgat doesn't acount with the general idea that it's the rule. There's an exception to every generalized acceptance of practices in s society. Racism isn't the rule.
"The term "hate" can be misleading. When used in a hate crime law, the word "hate" does not mean rage, anger, or general dislike. In this context “hate” means bias against people or groups with specific characteristics that are defined by the law.

At the federal level, hate crime laws include crimes committed on the basis of the victim’s perceived or actual race, color, religion, national origin, s*xual orientation, gender, gender identity, or disability.

Most state hate crime laws include crimes committed on the basis of race, color, and religion; many also include crimes committed on the basis of s*xual orientation, gender, gender identity, and disability.


The "crime" in hate crime is often a violent crime, such as assault, murder, arson, vandalism, or threats to commit such crimes."

The way I rea it, it's not RACISM per se. It's considered a hate crime which can stem from many variables such as culture, belief, gender, and race, but not racism as we're discussing here much like that of the Ortiz and or Tesla worker.
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What a shame.

So why would you be so obsessed with our situation here when your country is worse?
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