Roger McGuinn glasses...

In 1965, The Byrds hit the music scene with a cover of Bob Dylan's song Mr. Tambourine Man. Singer/guitarist Roger McGuinn was playing a 12-string Rickenbacker guitar that had a unique twanging sound. That was the small part as he wore some 'granny-style' sunglasses. The kids in my neighborhood have never seen those before. Naturally, we all wanted a pair!

Years ago, I saw some Roger McGuinn glasses at the flea market, but never purchased a pair.

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Okay, it's some 5 decades later... do I really need/want Roger McGuinn glasses?
Probably not. I'm holding our for a multi-prismatic pair like Nicolas Cage wore in the movie National Treasure.

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Love it! wine
Cyclops glasses? Or is at glass (non plural)
The cover of Thomas Dolby's album.

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