Ghislaine Maxwell gets 20 years...

News today, Ghislaine Maxwell was sentenced to 20 years in prison in connection with the Jeffrey Epstein abuse case. 20 probably means 3 to 5.
I hope she meets a lot of new friends there...
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Glad she got convicted...what about Andrew and friends....

Chat did she not say she had 5 names she would tell?
I don't think it would be in her interest, to tell those names, based on what has happened to some of her close "friends"....

Or, more accurately; it MAY not be in her interest, to tell those names, based on prior "occurrences" She would, at least, maybe, want to carefully consider the idea....
I suspect her handwritten note saying " If anything happens to me while in prison, I DID NOT kill myself" will be out shortly.
She has fallen, a long way, in the world....
Ghislaine Maxwell said that her "greatest regret" was meeting Jeffrey Epstein.
I don't know, but I'd wager on a possible list.
One comment to the story I read: If she suddenly drowns in a cup of water, check her neck for Clinton's fingerprints.
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