Hey Clarence...

I was reading a bunch of comments for and against the recent Supreme Court decision to overturn a law that's been around nearly 50 years and of the comments, one asked 'what's next?' What other laws do they want to overturn?

Several were aimed at Clarence Thomas, where one reader stated: "He’s been quiet for 30 years, now he’s become unleashed, like the Frankenstein monster, and wants to legislate from the bench. Character always reveals itself, eventually." (20 likes, 0 dislikes)

There's more: "Wonder why Uncle Clarence is not revisiting the Loving case ?
Loving v. Virginia a Supreme Court case that struck down state laws banning interracial marriage in the United States." (29 likes, 6 dislikes)
Another similar comment: "I wonder when Thomas will suggest overturning Loving vs. Virginia? Now that will be ironic!!" (14 likes, 3 dislikes)

It looks like Clarence isn't very popular this week.
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@op doesn't CT have a 'white' partner? Miscegenation is an unlikely chat topic in that household I suspect.
Here is America, repeating the errors of the past....why ask yourself, then, why is no progress being made?
I believe that comment was a sarcastic swipe. It received a response he thinks he's white and several people agreed.
I'm so grateful my country allows me to choose decisions I make for my body

America is going to cause Canada to have an influx of woman seeking a termination

The Supreme court in America are a bunch of criminals themselves
Other things come to mind with this reckless decision & that is..What about woman who can't afford to travel to Canada,,They will resort to backyard jobs which will cause way too many tragedies

These bastards don't give two shits when it comes to putting real proper gun laws in place that arse causing kids to be blown to bits bits but they have the bloody audacity to jump up & down about a woman doing what is right for her cicumstances

Pack of bloody hypocrites
No, he thinks he's 'untouchable'...
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