This blog is for people who show intelligent thinking and ask questions to challenge religious leaders and the mainstream scientists views on the origin of life on this planet. Also the existence of extra terrestrial beings and their possible involvement with inhabitants of this planet.
This is not suitable for Men in Black. Or,
People with negative waves.

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Catch up on Astro Not Lore later today @ Shea stadium.
Yesterday mission Control unleashed plan 9 from outer space } .9 innings, 9 players, 9 runs.
I see we have Captn' Bob on
The Astro nots triumphant again today, behind 2 hit pitching by agent Verlander.
One of the nots, Castro the Astro, launched a 400 foot job Into the pride pavilion where local thespians were celebrating the pagan L G B T Q Zombie, warewolf, vampire month.
... setting that aside, eYe see that you would rather get the straight dope on Apollo, ancient astronaut of space & medicine....see the latest on that @
Logic before Authority. Don't be too shocked to find orange man the Terrible has a NON mistake able, bona fide connection to Apollo, the "Healer"...
This blog is for intelligent thinking people. People who choose not to think have wasted their gift of this ability.
What about the extended Astronaut blog? I understand if you have taken it down (but kept a record). We have some viable "startup material", here. Keep records! Do not lose the wisdom of the previous blog!

LCBR----. wave
This blog widens the subject and gives opportunity to discuss anything about life in the past, now and in the future. Anyone who has a theory is welcome to bring it here, but they are hopefully not full of negativity.
I just hope you kept a record of the previous blog...I went to some considerable trouble to explain basic quantum physics, there...


Back later...
May I just intercede here? I have already covered the problem of travelling great distances (courtesy of Isaac Asimov); that is to Digitise DNA and fire it off in a directions in the cosmos. Who knows, Ancient Astronauts, may have appeared to Asimov, in a dream, and given him such an idea; although the man was more than intelligent enough to have thought of the concept entirely alone...

I have covered this at length, in the previous "astronauts" blog...

The Ancient Astronauts are postulated to be Very Advanced...see crown's explanations, and blog/s

The pope and the Vatican know about extra terrestrial beings and have documentation that they keep locked up and no one is allowed to see. It would destroy their image to expose this material.
Just ask Galileo

pm...... dunno
I would love to meet the pope and ask to look at his secret files. Also why he has so many observatories in the world pointed at the stars. There is evidence of the huge amount of secret docs in his library. Plenty of people have been refused access.
This blog is about people who wish to share ideas. So far you just criticise and offer nothing. There are plenty of blogs that I'm sure you'd enjoy. If people had your outlook, science would stand still. No one would bother to research medicine, vaccinations drugs. We would all die of small pox, polio, TB, COVID. Penicillin would never have been researched.
Why did the inventors bother? Why should they care? That would be your attitude.
LCBR----. Well said. Where's AgentBob when you need him?
rolling on the floor laughing
Well, I guess it's back to reading The Star, for old marm

Paging Ripper the empath

Star co-ordinates:

Sfgsr21a NNE; Ghij34b NNS (sidereal rising)

Star sailor: four to the floor/:
Incl cover versions//: https

David Bowie, Spiders From Mars/Major Tom

run/cmdlet; Pink Floyd//"learning to fly"....

That should bring him out of his shell....

You were offered the opportunity, maybe it's back to the soccer pools, for you?

LCBR----. Reading the star? More like looking at the pictures.
Agent Bob
What about Kubrick's Close Encounters of the Third Kind? More appropriate. Which was based on a true event and covered up by government officials.
Modern Astro Not physics and $yntax..
( All of it in plane site for 60+ years )


Liner note. ) ..that is warp speed phonics using mission names of NASA.) .not a $ane Adventure.
Budget of NASA, circa 2016 | $ 53 million, DAILY..

. Standby. ) ..
No all by the way....there is more out there, around us, than we know.

A good question here is, how do you "know" you have been abducted when in the process, they suppress your memory of it?
....especially when that abduction happens when you are sleeping.

Fortunately, or unfortunately....depends on how you look at it....I have had the privilege of seeing the craft stop 30 feet above my head before memory loss.
The last thing I remember when it was over my head, was a funny vibration throughout my body....that leads me to believe that I and my girlfriend were dematerialized through the use of vibration...and was able to be taken right through the wall, ceiling, or window.

How funny/crazy would that be?

After an event happens to you like makes you think.

Of course I don't expect anyone to believe this, I know if somebody else told me this story, I would have a very difficult time believing any of it. This leads me to believe that this event was intended for us....for whatever reason. That is another question.
In the end, my girlfriend and I were standing face to face in the center of our room.
I'm not sure how that applies to me, I'm more into disbelief. drinking
@ blue 09..} eYe have shown you the physics..

Making Time ) the Creation
5,4,3,2,1 ) Mann
Yhwh ) U 2
...also ran.) Past present future .) Brain ticket.
Agent Bob
Paul Jones Manfred Mann. We are the Mannfreds.
54321. Onward rode the 600.
Also Do wah diddi diddi dum diddi dum. There she was just a walking down the street singing, Do wah diddi diddi dum diddi dum.
cheering dancing
I believe the universe created itself out of nothing, except maybe quantum foam (look it up); and gravity...there was no creator, per se, and certainly no god. Today, we just have matter, and energy, me the Ancient Astronauts, are just more advanced beings, than humans. They are more advanced, simply because they have been evolving through a much longer timeframe, and probably inhabit the oldest parts of the is not that farfetched, that they may have appeared, before certain ancient civilizations, in order to teach them something important... Some Aboriginal rock paintings in the Kimberley, (Western Australia) depict alien type beings with haloes of light around their heads, tens of thousands of years before the "civilized" whiteman appeared...
Just had brief music interlude with AB.
Back to the serious stuff. Yes you appear to be in line with my thinking. But something triggered off the whole phenomenon of life and planets and stars.
A flash of light that was then converted to material by this substance identified as the Higgs Bosun. Confirmed my the CERN experimental site. Helium and Hydrogen then emerged to continue the process. Before we earthlings appeared, there was likely to have been other planets with life existing possibly thousands of years before us. We are gradually acquiring knowledge and one day we will meet up with our ancestors and have greater explanation as to our origin.
Someone said that extraordinary claims about UFOs need extraordinary evidence. Well actually proof of these objects was captured on video by the US navy. The objects were called, Go fast, and Gimbal. They were seen when naval ships were on manoeuvres in the Pacific and the Middle east. Air craft watched them show changes of direction and speed never seen by any known craft. The US gov was asked to explain. No response given. These objects could pose a threat, but no one wishes to acknowledge this.

But the primordial precursors to these elemental particles, were just quantum foam and gravity...I'm talking about the first 10^ -43 seconds of existence, here..

Also, advanced civilizations, are likely to be millions, not thousands of years older than us...

Finally, the US government, has come out publically, and stated that UFOs exist, after certain pre-existing, material was declassified...
(10^ - 43 seconds is:

1/10^43 seconds, an extraordinarily small amount of time...

(see Plank length, Plank time, etc)...I think time is unable to be divided further, after this);

Therefore, reality is "pixellated"...

(Ignore the very first bracket in the above text, it was a typo)...
Who Smirk etc etc, you have the US government on your side!

Looked at in this way god (actually a contrivance of Man); who "made the Earth 6000 years ago", is Utterly Laughable....
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