AOC and Warren’s master plan: Abortions at Yellowstone

Democrats seem devastated by the reversal of Roe v. Wade. Some say they have even taken time off work to grieve, and others have taken to the streets in protest.

And so members of Congress are working to protect abortion rights, starting with a plan to offer abortion clinics in national parks.

What Warren and Ocasio-Cortez don’t realize is that this won’t pass, simply because it is a terrible idea. It will have the opposite of its intended purpose.

In an interview with CNN, Vice President Kamala Harris said, “I think that what is most important right now is that we ensure that the restrictions the states are trying to put up that would prohibit a woman from exercising what we still maintain is her right, that we do everything that we can to empower women to not only seek but receive the care where it is available.”

But Democrats' creativity has gone too far out of the box.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Tuesday said there could be negative ramifications from offering these abortion services on federal lands.

“With this proposal — we understand the proposal is well-intentioned, but here’s the thing: It could actually put women and providers at risk,” she said.

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Why are not more women taking the pill, or having their tubes tied when having enough children.
Then there are condoms.
I had a friend who had 4 abortions she let the fifth one live, instead of having another abortion.
I had not had contact with her for several years when she came to visit me in Canada and showed me her last child.
Some doctors allow abortion at 5 months, you can imagen what this doctor has to do.
This baby could have lived outside of the mother at 5 months................. crying
My Nephew was born during the 6th month of his Mother's pregnancy. I saw him the day after he was born and he was so small he could have fit in a shoe box.
Maybe 5 month old out of the womb is stretching it a bit.
It still must be a horrible job to destroy it at that stage..................crying
So where in your quoted article does it say or even mention Yellowstone?

It just stated Federal land which could mean using a car park or Federal building, seems an excellent idea to me.

More exaggeration to get people without a brain to buy into lies and misinformation
You hit the nail on the head.
Willy just read Exred telling that abortions could be done until 26 weeks that is 6 1/2 months that is a
BABY.!.............................cryingcrying crying
I've Heard that Indian Tribes might offer abortion on their Sovereign Tribal Land because it's Not legally part of Any US State -

Precedent has been set by the establishment of Indian Casinos..

It actually kinda Makes Sense ... dunno

Just Sayin'.

SCOTUS just nixed that Schnaps-idea when it vacated Roe vs Wade!
Funny Jen I calculated that when she said it as well. I just shook my head in disbelief.

When we lose our respect for life we have failed miserably at ‘the Game of why we’re all here. Beyond sad....
indians were allowed to cash in when regular weren't allowed casinos in some states. guess they might as well get to cash in on more irresponsibility of people.

contraceptives and other protections used to be taught. it was part of unplanned pregnancy and STD prevention.

somewhere along the lines, they started pushing the idea of just do it and to hell with std's and such as abortion rates rose heavily. no thought or responsibility to it. kill it in the morning or when ever you feel like it. at tax payer expense.

most insurance programs cover contraceptives and such so there was never any reason to lie about abortion being a right. they even made it one for a while.

it's not about women's health or rights. it's about enabling irresponsibility. do what you want with almost zero consequences. like children wanting to be with the parent with the least amount of rules and chores.

time to grow up again. so many have been spoiled for so long, they won't know what to do now that they have to think about it.

clinics on federal lands would create a huge blemish. most of those lands are about preservation. how would that look with abortion clinics open for business? i'm certain military bases will have some. last i knew, they still had to adhere to most state laws as well.
Independent "Women's Reproductive Health Services" might be made available at VA Facilities ... dunno

I Favor abortion being as Available as possible for as Long In Pregnancy as possible.
The More Restrictions that are put on obtaining an abortion, the More a woman will be felt Compelled to make a Quick - and IRREVERSIBLE - Decision.

Every Day that she may consider Options to abortion, is One More Day that she's NOT Made A Choice that CanNot be UnDone.

Paradoxically - Less Restrictive abortion laws should Reduce the Number of abortions.

It is a terrible idea, but to be fair, it is a response to a terrible decision. It's all very well coming across as being passionate about the sanctity of human life, but your tendency to push those sentiments under the carpet when it comes to killing people you don't like makes it all seem rather fake.
The Supreme Court just nixed an illegal decision they made. They effectively passed a law. I know the Democrats don't know the difference--don't care about the separation of powers. I happen to think that abortions should be allowed but do not think hospitals/doctors that don't want to do them should be forced to do them, so I haven't seen my side in this fight (as usual). Letting the states decide is an improvement over Roe v Wade--Leftist uber-government is an abortion..
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