So it begins!

I did it. I booked the flight to Washington today. The price? 3658 DKK, which is about $515. For that price I am in economy, which is fine. It's what I'm used to, anyway. I'm flying with an airline, that I have never flown with before. Lufthansa.

The flight schedule is as follows:

Copenhagen to Frankfurt, with a 2 hour and 35 minute layover in Frankfurt. On that particular flight, I'm flying with an Airbus A320neo. I've been in one of those before, and it's comfortable. This flight is about an hour and a half.

Then it's time for the longest flight I have been on. From Frankfurt to Washington Dulles, which is a 9 hour flight.. Nine hours..I don't even know what I'm supposed to DO for nine hours in a metal tube in the air.. Anyway, this flight will be with an Airbus A330-300, a plane that I have no experience with, at all. I have heard good and bad things about it, so I'm excited to see how it really is.

One week in the USA, and it's time to go home again.

The flight schedule home is as follows:

Washington Dulles to Frankfurt in the Airbus A330-300, and from Frankfurt to Copenhagen in an Airbus A321.

"But Philipsen, how are the seating charts on the planes?", I hear you ask. Well! It's your lucky day, because I looked it up, and it's all VERY exciting!

The Airbus A320neo is in a 3-3 configuration, while the Airbus A330-300 is in a 2-4-2 configuration. Finally, the Airbus A321 is in a 3-3 configuration. Yes, I have been watching travel vloggers just to get a sense of how the planes will be.

All in all, I'm super excited to travel to the USA. Hopefully I will actually be able to go this time. The last time, a pandemic ground my trip to a halt.

Now begins the fun part: Saving up money and also booking a place to stay for the trip. I can't wait!

BTW, if anyone have flown with Lufthansa, please tell me how the flight was! I'd appreciate it!
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Lufthansa is a most comfortable flight Philip. A super wide seats and super nice. Although I still prefer all Swissair flights, Lufthansa is a very good one with my experience.

Congratulations. Did you book this trip as a tourist? Or job interview. I remember you're trying to find a job here. wave
Hey, I'm rooting for you this time nothing happens to change everything. Just make sure you set your alarm clock the day of the flight so you don't oversleep. Make sure the vehicle that's taking you to the airport has good tires and it's full of gas and the person driving doesn't have any warrants. Google a map of the airport and find your terminal ahead of time so you don't get lost and miss your flight, and don't pack any liquids on your carry-on. I wanna see this happen Phil.
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Whoa !?!...$0 you took your hard earned money
..and booked a flight to the brain of the beast ?
Look up Raphael...and beware of Zombies.
I have heard that Lufthansa has some great service, and that they also can be VERY bad. Hopefully I will have a smooth flight. I booked the trip as a tourist. I want to spend a week in the USA, just to see if it's truly a place I would like to work, or if it's awful :)
My first flight is at 6:25 am, so I'm gonna do what I usually do, and get to the airport at around 1:30 am. It's so easy! I'm taking the train to Copenhagen Central Station, and then a train from Copenhagen Central Station directly to the airport. It takes about an hour from when I leave my house until I am standing in the airport. Plus I already know which terminal my flight leaves from, so it's gonna be a pretty relaxed start to the trip :). I never bring any liquids on flights. The only thing I bring is clothes, toiletries (toothbrush and toothpaste), passport and money. Anything else can be bought at my destination.
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