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I encourage people to watch this short education documentary. Social contagion is very real and is having a very real effect on the children of today via a mix of social media and ultra liberal groups that are pushing radical ideologies that fly in the face of common sense, biological reality, and which are increasingly being pushed on children via the education system. This particular documentary relates to Britain but this issue pertains very much to Western countries as a whole.

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And I can think of no better reason not to watch it.
Ever heard the expression if you can't say something nice then shut it?

This is not your blog old man. You personal feelings towards the O.P is not relevant to me, but this blog is.
i was talk about this many months ago and the drag queen story hour for childrendoh
This blog is dying, I think Ill make one to contribute to my country and Western democracythumbs up .
I will watch it later Chancer wave
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