Alexander family hostage crisis....

The Alexander family is the most insane family in history.

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They said that the religious intolerance of Muslims only, there are many people belonging to several different religions and beliefs have committed many crimes that chilling, and today we will talk about a family raised a very controversial, the family of Alexander, which pushed their son To madness because of the religious fanaticism that transcended the limits of reason and logic, what is the story of the family of Alexander, this is what we will tell you today in detail continued with us.

Alexander's family: This strange family lived in Dresden, Germany, and later moved to and lived in Hamburg, the father of this family called the Herald Alexander. The ideal of the Alexander Herald was a man named George Reel and this man He was the leader of the Werber sect.

The family of Alexander and the fanaticism that reached the level of insanity: As we have mentioned, the father was a student of the leader of the Werber sect, a sect called to radical and strange ideas where this sect was founded in the early 19th century by an Austrian spiritist named Jacob Werber, The eccentric man when he founded this community claimed that he came from God with a holy message! , And after the death of George Rehill, the leader of this community announced Father Herald Alexander that he inherited the leadership of the community of Rehill, and the basic belief in the community that all tired of the devil is immune to purity and every person is not followed by immoral and controlled by Satan, Therefore, it must be purged with violence and it is likely to develop into murder! Strangely enough, Herald's wife was convinced and strongly believed in what her husband was doing with strange and crazy behavior and was sharing him in this strange world
Frank Alexander: Soon after the couple gave birth to a child and divorced him by the name of Frank but the madness reached them to something incredible where the husband went to his wife and told her that their child was born the new prophet, and that all his requests must be met and his sins forgiven without Any discussion, and therefore the family exaggerated in a way where all the family was serving the Prophet Frank was finding the service of his three sisters and his father and his son and became the child heard some of the words that are frequently chanted "You are a prophet" and originated on this idea And treated as kings.

Incest in the Alexander family: the child grew up and became a teenager obsessed with the madness of his family, but the madness in this family has reached the point of disgust when the teenager decided that he can not pollute his body with women who do not follow his contract, but the people who And then decided to have sex within his family with his mother and his older sisters and of course everyone agreed to this disgusting thing, so Frank became f*cked with his mother and sister and it came to the father that he became involved and adultery is also with his daughter !

Mass murder: Girls in the family worked as domestic servants to help the family and on the day when the 15-year-old daughter Sabine worked as a maid in a doctor-owned house that her father and brother came to visit and went out in the garden And there the doctor stood and heard by chance a very shocking thing when the father said to his daughter Sabine We came to you today until we tell you something important and that we have now finished killing your mother and sisters and stranger than this that the girl replied smiling and I am sure that you did Right and at this moment the doctor was stunned by hearing the strangest of all this that the B When the doctor pay attention had heard his words returned once again with confidence when I have now killed them, and here the doctor did not find another solution but faster to the inside and contacted the police and Obglhma, and already the police came and arrested the father and son.
Frank tells the details of the crime: When Frank was investigated, he said yes, you killed them, and this is not strange, it is a day when everyone knew that he would come, and today came when I saw my mother staring at me a lot and this is unacceptable because I am a prophet So I hit her on the head with the shack I went back to times I lost consciousness Then I did the same thing with my big and small sister and my father was playing because he knew that what I do sacred because the woman is a door to impurity and had to be purified one day by killing because the devil possessed by the shadow of my father plays And pray for what I do, but when I began cutting their genitals came and helped me in this because members Woman's reproductive taboo and they were well aware that this day will come, and everyone was waiting for him, and so they have now been purged and are now living in paradise happy.

After the investigation, the court found that the father and son were mentally retarded and should be placed in a mental hospital. Unfortunately, the treatment did not work with them. The two continued to say the same words. The father continued to call Frank the prophet and the son saw himself as a persecuted messenger. Which survived was sent to the monastery asking them to be in isolation from humans unclean and immature and not contaminated like them!
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