I lost my phone just yesterday, I'm traumatised and lost,
I can't speak in conversation, I just don't know what to do,
I don't know whatsapp with my friends, my parents want
to talk to me, again, that's twice this month, I can't tweet,
I can't face talk, (even though they are here beside me)
They are there and I can't even look,,,, I need Facebook,
They even asked me to add two and two, as if I didn't
know, oh,, I need my phone,, where is my goddamm
phone, sorry, it's not like I REALLY need my phone to
be normal, .......... I just want the ten million pictures
I took, I'm sure there is one of me pouting that looks
really good, this is all going to end in disaster if I
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Most are dependent on these gadgets. People don't know what it is to gather face to face and be authentic anymore.

Hope you find your phone soon, so your life get back to normal.
Oh . I won't be able to phone you today then?roll eyes grin
I would be devastated if I lost my phone, my whole life is on there blues

All my contacts, my banking, shopping, emails, photos and videos of my family, appointment schedules uh oh

I do everything on there, daily.
Have you back tracked step by step where you were right back to last time you had it

I've had to do that a couple times and found mine
Put the trauma aside comfort
see it as an escape ....

and enjoy the peace from them all yay

Make the most of what will be short livedconversing
This may sound stupid but have you tried calling your phone? If someone found it and they answer your call you can tell them it's your phone and you will reward then to get it back. I'm sure whoever would rather have some money instead of a phone they probably don't need.
Strange but true, I actually did not lose my phone!
I’d be lost without mine too. I’ve become too dependent on it…crying
I don't use my phone alot but I have misplaced it several times and forgot to take it with me when I left the house. When I realized I didn't have my phone my heart rate increased and I panicked as if it was my lifeline which it really isn't. It's one of those things that I want it to be there in case I need it.
There's an app "Where's my phone" which would track it for you from a friend's phone
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