Danish police say several dead after Copenhagen mall shooting.

Earlier tonight, notifications came on my phone, that a shooting took place in a shopping mall. "Oh, another shooting in the USA", was my immediate thought.

But no. Not this time. This time, it was a bit closer to home. It was in a shopping mall in Copenhagen. A 22 year old Danish guy decided to open fire, killing several and wounding others. At a presser, the police would not rule out that it was terrorism, and they had launched a manhunt, as a precaution. They could not rule out, that it was an act of terror. The 22-year old has been arrested.

Public transportation was stopped, and people were not allowed to leave. Likewise, a concert with Harry Styles in Royal Arena was cancelled, and people were not allowed to go to their cars or check into any hotels. I get why they weren't allowed to go to cars or to hotels: The area hadn't been cleared.

So now we enter the sad statistic of mass shootings. The last time we had one, was in 1994, which was a school shooting. Since then, weapons have been banned for private ownership.

However, this lowlife could easily have bought the weapon from some criminal. More information will be available as the investigation progresses.

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Ever noticed the one common denominator in 100% of these shooting? They are all cowards. Not one of them has ever stormed a police station, or military base when the soldiers were armed (yes, it has happened on a base where guns were prohibited). They always are brave to face the unarmed, the weak, they very young and very old.

France did the same thing. They stupidly banned their guns, then a muslim terrorist just waltzed right in and started shooting the innocent.

I heard of an incident where a terrorist tried to enter a Jewish grocery store in Israel and tried to commit a mass-shooting. Several men pulled out their concealed-carry pistols and promptly and properly shot the man to death. The family tried to sue the state of Israel claiming nobody knew Israel permitted concealed carry! (This incident was related to me by someone that was stationed in Israel while on duty with the US Military. I've always found great pride in this story. But, you'll NEVER hear of such a story on the news! It doesn't fit into their Propaganda Profile. And there are many, many such stories. One recently accomplished by an unarmed Marine! Rofl.)

So, in my opinion, the number of guns in a country is directly proportional to the intelligence and IQ of the voting populace.

I'm happy to learn the value of having a concealed gun for protection.
How about Greenland? isn"t that part of Denmark? talking about gun ban for private ownership, myself had fished in Greenland for 3 seasons, & that was the 1st thing I noticed was how people walked down the street with a shotgun or rifle on their shoulders, at first I thought I was back in 1800 s in N America, & funny thing gun crimes are next to nothing there, I have seen few of the local hunters walk in the pubs with their guns for a cold beer, for me it showed the freedom that those people had, & this was long after 1994 in fact it was in the 2000"s
great observation wave
Greenland has had autonomy since 2009. They have their own rules there, and different laws regarding guns. You are free to import and carry all forms of manual repetitive hunting weapons in Greenland.

The key word here is "hunting"

There are no back ground check or anything. You can walk in of the street and buy all guns - as long as they are bolt action of some sort. There are no rules against tourist or other non residents buying guns.

Semi is only for pro hunters and full auto is not legal - neither are pistols or revolvers.
You can import legal weapons easy, but exporting from country of origin might be some trouble.
Full Auto are not legal anywhere,or only with extreme restrictions.
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