Seek God

It has been the world was destroyed by flood in time of Noah.All those who didn,t believe God have die.
Now the world will be destroyed again by fire and wars and earthquakes and other methods of killings.
So seek God to believe and obey him and so to get saved.Learn the bible and believe and obey God,s
words and his commandments.
there are two greatest commandments:1. Love God with all heart.., your neighbours as yourself.
If you do this, you shall live and have great help.
then are 10 commandments in exodus 20 :2-17.
Look how terrible war is in ukraine by Russia.
It will be so much more worse and more terrible: that this world will be destroyed.
Those that believe and obey God will be saved.
So those that have sin, repent and improve and sin no more and pray to God to forgive you.
Do Good and away from doing bad.and you shall progress..!
Seek God and you shall find,the pure in heart shall see God.
Seek truth and you shall find.
Those that get saved will live forever with God.

God bless.

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I am nice looking man,i love peace,beauty,wisdom and nature.I walk daily in nature,
i like sport,i like tenis playing and other playing.
i like wisdom of woman, peaceful woman and Beautiful woman.
i like play chess also, i play pretty well. [read more]

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