Stop breathing…if you can.

About 20 years ago, whilst living (and working) on the island of St. Kitts, I was present when one of my work colleagues professed to the room (a few of us were in the Staff lounge), that he was an Atheist and didn’t need God because he was in full control of his life.

At the time, I considered what he had said to be a bold statement, because most of the island’s population were of a varied, and highly religious orientation. I was astonished, and wondered what about this life of ours we could ever truly be in ‘control’ of? Nothing.

Even as a child, I had learnt about the effect of God’s presence in the lives of men, and remember using prayer to access His help with a problem or two that I had. I wasn’t a ‘Christian’ then, but had been exposed to Biblical teachings by my mother, grandparents and other close relatives, then later, at schools and different churches (e.g. Catholic, Anglican, and Seventh Day Adventist) over time, and I believed.

I said to my colleague that if he truly believed that he didn’t need God and was in full control of his life, then he should “stop breathing”. Of course, he could not do so (if he wished to remain alive), and appeared a bit confused by the thought, because he hadn’t expected that sort of response.

What real control do any of us have? Not even the breath we breathe is ours. It belongs to God.

Blessings everyone! angel heart wings daisy
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Hi Didi,

Blessings and loveliness to you too! wine

But with all the suffering that goes on in the world? I don't believe in any kind of God.

No disrespect to you for believing in God though because you are clearly a great and well-balanced woman!

So if I stopped breathing it would be more to do with a malfunction in my lungs / heart attack and a trip to the hospital, if there was time!

heart wings
Hello Avocet, I appreciate your candour (as I have said before). No "disrespect" taken.sad flower
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