Devil's Breath.....

What is the scariest drug in the world?

Scopolamine - also known as Devil's Breath - has a reputation for being an extremely dangerous drug. In 2012, a Vice documentary dubbed it the "world's scariest drug"
Why is scopolamine a scary drug?
That's because scopolamine provides a potent weapon to Colombian criminals. The drug puts people into a zombie-like state in which they lose both their memory and free will and can be convinced to empty their bank accounts or hand over the keys to their apartments and cars.

i read somewhere...
People in the US die every year from eating plants that contain scopolamine...

ofcourse that is in the
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Maybe many drugs in the world turn a person into a devil. Is there any such drug that can turn a person into an Angel?
Is scopolamine available in India?
Scopolamine is not illegal in India. It is available as a transdermal patch in 1.5 mg dosage for various indications. Place the patch behind the ear a couple of hours before the journey to prevent motion sickness.
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