Resident experts...

I have to remind myself that CS has a double handful of resident experts, versed on all subjects regardless of their careers and education. It doesn't matter whether they are retired shoe salesmen, goat herders, philanthropists, or computer gurus. They always have the reasons why something (usually political) doesn't work, but rarely, I mean rarely have the solution to the subject(s) they speak about.
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Does this mean the title of 'Professor Bokdrol' I bestowed upon myself a few days ago are null and void???crying

Luke, you will always be wiser than a professor in my eyes hug

my job is driving small packages from A to B. And sometimes back to A again.
I always been a delivery boy.
Somehow though, I can solve all your world dilemmas in less than 14 minutes. beer
Origin: Afrikaans

1. figurative. A vulgar usage, synonym f for a chocolate-coated peanut.
2. Goat droppings; any droppings which resemble these.
You've had several chances, but I've seen no magic...
Spot on.
I see no vulgarity though. When used in that context it's like saying you are a 'Mr. Know it all' but actually know nothing.
Deer droppings yes.
Wing Command angel

..bona fide amateur experts over at CB$ news...
..epic comment scroll viz. a viz. Jan6...
The pearl Watergate broken glass dead Republican
Hearings. NO one has been fooled by their systematic non reports.
Actually shocked that they have left comments enabled... standby.) .
R u som cind of export or something laugh
I agree with you Captain Obvious.
Good one ...yes, eYe am an import of important and often overlooked data..
And obviously ..when eYe go policy or Dominion mode, regular Amerikans are disturbed-- having no idea how Logic works outside their TV channel.
Are you saying they can not put together two and two ice creams in Pelosis kitchen?
One thing eYe have noticed...that no One else has
Nor has Buck $exton* found it remarkable..

Pre Jan6 RNC e mails to select Republicans which ( to me anyway ) clear signs of a set up.

* Ex CIA asset, now host of Limbaugh Institute for Advanced but useless rhetoric.

Another find unique to Ripper the Empath
..the raw physics of the RNC Logo
1$ a white Elephant in a RED FIELD
NYC..has just released an absurd & absolutely brain dead PSA regarding an imminent nuclear attack
( By the way, one expert has predicted NY City will be a memory by 2030.)
..and some one who obviously does not want credit, has embedded a sinister mad - magazine style folded message into the 50 & 100 dollar bills to
Compliment the kite, kit, steal, playing* ..of the $20. shows the destruction of NYC.
* The ACTUAL phonics of Booker Elem. on 9/11/01
..( ..was erroneously reported as..

That's what my opinion about the CS experts was and is.. laugh
Releasing farts ha'.

There is a deep devide, some even say shit will hit fans.
And if some of us try to talk about it we are either over blown egos
or lonely and sad.

Ok then, I see it diffrently.
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