Paging 09..

Mctag. ) .aka crown affair.

Hast thou burned out already ? .secret agent ..or just plain old free agents .. should never be flustered , filibustered, or intimidated by all the juvenile light weight chaff of the PepsiCo Google machine.
$€€ ..CBS news YouTube shorts..
Re, the pearl harbor Watergate broken glass dead Republican Committee Clusterfuchs hearings for
Inside inspiration.... comment scroll offers examples of TV blowback & Logic.
Many others besides Ripper are wondering where them 81 million voters R ...when Joe Rotunda needs a bump in polling numbers...
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Calling agent Bob. Was kidnapped by Alien craft. I think the Grey's were driving. They took me on a trip, but I refused to talk. When I gave them your code name, they agreed to release me. I asked them to drop me off at my house.
@ Crown you wonder why people don't comment on your Astronaut Blogs, but you lock the blogs!
Oki doki.... McBob headed into 107 degree heat for yet another non fun, non profitable day of pool service.
@ Bob

You're ok, but one is waiting for the advent of reliable quantum computing, to decrypt your full messaging.....lcbr to Ripper....
Agent B
The Grey's landed on my drive. I invited them in for drinks. I gave them martinis, which they enjoyed. They showed me some holiday photos of them on a beach on some planet. They had swimming costumes on. One photo was of the three of them on a pedalo. After plenty of drinks, they got a bit tipsy and we all ended up having a sing song. Rocket Man and ground control to major Tom. They left and said that I should see them again. They will send a postcard. I waved them off.
@ Crown

You should codify are really onto something there!....maybe set up your own website, where you can gain adherents!..............professor

Anyway, be real of for sleep is late/early over here

Lunch time interlude under the shade tree.

Guess what happens whenever I comment or Mcblog here @ CS ?..

My in box gets charged up with nubile Coed come ons. ...maybe 1 in 10 gets or merits a reply.

In some cases eYe ask them right away...
What, pray tell, would interest you in a geezer living in the armpit of Chinafornia ? ..

Full disclosure. ) ..only Happy & agent D. ..seem capable of paragraph communication with the Bobster.
Also, I do miss the Marine, Bohemond...he was good at providing actionable Intel.

Breaking homepathic News...

Just re Located 2 fur babies ( momma cat & cub
To high End Air Conditioned Real Estate
Maybe 10 minutes into this new adventure, these
2 cats were like seriously adjusted & happy.
They really like the new digs. I was some what amazed at how cool they acted...even during the car trip...wave
@ real.... McBob is several echelons above okay.
That is awesome news. Always glad when they get a good home and like it.

Quit working out of the kindness of your heart and ask for payment for services. Then it may be profitable. If they 'have to have' their pool...then you 'have to get paid'.

This reminded me, my neighbor had a busted water line last winter and was without water for 2 weeks. All of us neighbors were taking gallons and gallons of water over for her. So I finally ask her if she had tried calling anyone and she said yea but they don't return her calls. She finally got someone to fix it..her house keepers husband, I think. Anyway I called my plumber and he said he was booked solid, plus he said the reason no one answers her calls is she don't pay. I've never been lucky enough to try and get by with that...they'd probably throw me in jail. Plus she has 4 grown kids living right here in town and they let their 82 yr old mom go without water for 2 weeks. very mad
The non profit has more to do with the trucking industry, rise of rent, wall to wall Crats & other factors ( artificial sky by KC 135s ) ..+ the bane of Particle physics ; Entropy.

On the way home from the Cat adventure
.eYe rediscovered an intersection of importance
Corona & Gates.
Agent B
BLUE9, mafia, godfather. Intimidator sleeps with the fishes.
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