The treatment has begun.

I went to my doctor today, and I described my symptoms to her.

"It sounds like you might have too much stomach acid. Some of the things you describe can also be attributed to stress, so we're gonna take a blood test on Friday morning to see what's going on. I'm gonna prescribe some medicine for you. Take them every day for 2 weeks. If it doesn't improve, we're extending it to 4 weeks. No fatty foods."

So there you have it. I'm officially on medication until things improve. I was right about the blood test, so hopefully it'll shed some light on why I have random moments of dizziness and nausea.

My blood pressure is good, so that's always something, I guess..
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Your doctor needs an Enema, STAT.

And you need food grade hydro peroxide
Aloe vera juice
And apple cider vinegar...among other things.
All jesting, serious x very..

Don't take my word for for
..a recording that made the Guinness book of world records circa 1999.
Get hip, get smart...GET HEALTHY.
I prefer to listen to my doctor rather than someone on the internet who tells me to ingest food grade hydro peroxide..
I'm delighted to read this! I was worried for a moment that you might take the advice of Agentbob but I'm glad to see that you are too intelligent to do so.
Keep on top of it, don't let your health slip. I recently had to change my routine because of some scary blood work. Hopefully the blood test will give you some answers
Yes I'm on the interstate internet

But.... SHIFT LOCK...


Speaking of treatment | *

It is now presumed you think I'm ignorant about health..( even though my doctor visits come in at ZERO .since 1974. ) ..using that International Internet thing you claim to de spys...could you at the bare minimum-- look into the subject of aloe vera juice & benefits thereof with regular useage..
Y !... because it speaks direct to the issue of your alleged upset stomach and/ or acidic toxicity.

* Yes, big $urprise ! .eYe wrote this for your ( & mine
Curious if you told the doctor how many Cokes you drink a day?drinking
I thought you snort coke? confused
Take note young Phil...
.. remember, eYe dig your English skills
And part 2.
I do not clog up anyone's blog with trivial nonsense.
Dizziness is not usually indicated by acidity, rather by inner ear and brain - just think about sea-sickness; nausea similarly. Did the doctor not suggest a brain scan?
My guess after a 5 second search on Google would be diabetes
Which causes both dizziness and nausea

Hello Philipsen,

Sounds like acid reflux or GERDS which does need monitoring as it can cause problems with the esophagus if not kept in check.

Look after yourself

Just noticed the above not showing so here's another.
I recommend some love n sex, fast.
Where is your makeover I prescribed you half a year ago?


On a more/less serious note: try the aloe vera juice, Bob say.
Trust me he is good deep down that man.
What the hell you got to lose?
No bleach though. lol
At least someone notices truuf... hard could it bee ?
..honey....bee pollen....lemon *

Let's say, for example, you have sum kind of health food store in your city...
Walk into said Establishment and just ask...
What can you tell me about aloe vera juice.?
( You don't want me to tell you .. because eYe am
Attached at the cerebellum to the ExxonMobil Intercontinental skynet web machine.)
* Surprise $urprise ! the Roman empire of good ol J C...) ..this was considered the Rx for just about everything that might go Wong in the body.
Just in from the 20th Century
..per the audio recording #1, dead doctors don't lie...
Among professional$...the group having the shortest life span ( 52 years..
..the L0$ER .was...

Be careful if you have untreated gerd or silent gerd. Ithese conditions are suspected to be a cause of idiopathic fibrosis.
Update..( no one told you to ingest anything.

Now, go enjoy a coke Zero & Hostess Ho ho.
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