Jill Biden insults Hispanics in San Antonio Texas - Says Hispanics are as unique as breakfast tacos

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Hot Sauce.

No, D policy is overflow the system with illegals who take the jobs of legal working class
Americans. And guess who that is: mostly latinos and blacks.
Politicians and flaks with limited vocabularies and heads full of cliches can say the darndest blunders.
Show a little respect, Jill... I'm not a dumb taco... I'm an insanely and obscenely delicious multi o*gasm inducing, tumbarrancho maracucho... shimmy shimmy shimmy flirty flirty flirty devil devil devil

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Quiero un tumbarrancho maracucho smitten

though i'm not even quite sure what it is uh oh
I suppose when Melody starts talking about o*gasm we all come running rolling on the floor laughing

PM Me!! ... smitten

Taco Jill was 'Crats' attempt to blunt Trump Endorsed Latinos grabbing a demographic 'Crats had Long Taken for Granted as Their Own -
A Stellar Shining Example Of Which -
thumbs up
'Crats tasked Jill with delivering the message cuz Senile Ol' Joe can screw up a Soup Sandwich Even when readin' off a Teleprompter ... frustrated

Of the two messages -
Taco Jill vs Congresswoman Flores -
I reckon the Congresswoman is resonating with Latinos - & Taco Jill ... Not So Much.

The MSM is Attacking & Tarring the Congresswoman as a "Radical Far Right Latina".
Listen to that clip from her interview & Judge For Y'all's Selves.

If she had a "D" behind her name - the MSM would be eatin' her up with a SPOON -

We'd NEVER Hear Too Much 'bout the Immigrant Dreamer who went from migrant farm labor in Texas cotton fields to become the 1st Mexican Born Woman in the US House Of Representatives ...

Texas Congresswoman Flores is kinda like Bronx Congresswoman Sandy Cortez ...
... Only With BRAINS!! rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Jill must be working for Trump now with a comment like that doh how thick can a person be .
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