Clotting V's Vaccines/ booster

After receiving Covid vaccines and booster one develops clots, when they put it down to being caused by (possibly) something else can one be certain such was NOT brought on by the vaccine/booster?

Christmas eve 2014 my mother died sad flower
Christmas eve 2021 I almost died due to two blood clots which blocked two of my main arteries... I'm not a lucky person so I reckon it were mother that got me through surgery that night on her anniversary angel

Reason why I've just mentioned that, I suppose because in a daft way I'm on edge about pushing my luck with my angelic mother lol and very nerves about getting the booster again, and because unfortunately I do NOT trust our socalled professionals here, yet I know they will soon remind me its time for the 2nd booster.

What to do what to do help moping
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I can tell you what to do:
drop the booster, I think I will.
Got to go Oz but just to say, even though my minds swaying with yours handshake
I'm not looking to be told what to do BUT is it possible to find out for certain if the vaccines/booster caused the clots or not....all doctors/consultants gave me a few possible reasons but no definite one.

Actually one did, but I don't want to go into that besides... I don't believe what I was told.

For now I gotta go gotta go
You must decide yourself if the little protection you get is worth the risk 4u.

In Norway Astra and JJ been discarded, mostly due to one Norwegian
expert who is immensely experienced, and he put his foot down and
adviced against it. We have only Moderna or Pfizer here.


I can assure you this: nobody at blogs know better than a doctor.
uh oh
You trust doctors, Ozzie?
I mean your GP who prescribes you drugs and gets paid for everyone they prescribe?
And also every vax they push? doh

Now, if you're talking about a doctor who has left the medical sector because he/she has a conscience, then I'd say Yes, ask them.

My sister, amongst other doctors I personally know and who are not practising anymore, they all refused to have the jabs for obvious reasons.
Hello Itchygirl, I'm so sorry to hear about your health issue and near death experience.sad flower

As it happens, I have a friend here who has just received a booster and, shortly after, she discovered her legs going blue and some blood clots.
She was taken to the emergency room and now awaiting for results.???
Oh, and she was also "diagnosed" with Covid!

Imo, Itchy, just follow your guts feelings. hug bouquet
Itchy, waaaay too many people are telling about the same thing after having received a booster.
Clots, yes too many to not believe them.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,wave
why I suggested she drop it altogether, but she didnt like that advice.
I trust them more than I trust you yes.

And no I don't think every doctor is bought by big pharma.
That's right! I know quite a few in my circle of friends
I'd follow Seaworthy's advice. Now there's a guy with a head on his shouldersdrinking
Concerning doctors know better than bloggers, they should.....
given their paid more but couldn't careless doh
having said that, its not right to tar them all the same just because of personal experience.
......... still" I'll never trust them though or take their word for anything.

Not sure why you replied to Jenny as you did.....
didn't I say I was in agreement with you?

Ps, stop talking about me as if I'm not here scold wink
You were not here.. tongue
Thank you Dani hug
imagine had I of died I would of had the same anniversary as my mother.....
how strange that would of been, but stranger things have happened.

Last year, I had my father to consider, my youngest sister and my aunt Mary, all relied on me in some way or another, this time round unlike the last time, I will follow my gut feeling.
That's a very wise decision girly!
I know that you rely a lot on those feelings...your inner voice.

Stay strong! I know you are! wink teddybear
wave Jenny
and too many happening with me.....
not only had I one, but I had two on the 24th.... 3rd December, 3wks prior to my rushed op, I'm convinced I died of a heart attack (don't ask) unless of course you believe in the mysterious ways angels work angel anyways, looking back now perhaps that too came about from another blood clot.

Without going into details, I had to have part two of the operation in June (last month) but in May I had to have a CT first which showed another clot had since developed doh

I've a bad feeling I'm also developing one or two in my legs and instead of bothering them that don't really care... I've decided to write my will instead typing
Even when I'm not here Oz, I have my spies eyes on you detective wink
Hi Celtic,

Why not trust me? grin

I'm not a doctor, but I've portrayed one in a comedy skit once, and I've written stories with doctors in them, and I think a few warm hugs could also help.

Also, take two of these and call me in the morning. wine
There's a bit of give & take in him and when I do understand what he's on about....
which isn't very often roll eyes

I agree completely with your comment thumbs up

(I think) laugh
Best compliment I had today! heart wings beer

Maybe you and I can try playing Doctor and Nurse someday. blushing
Cheers Dani bouquet
I was looking forward to getting back to work this month, unfortunately that's not going to happen yet, staying strong is one thing but how to overcome being pissed off, quiet another.. blues
Aw gosh Robrt, but as sweet as you can be blushing

I can't picture you looking too cute in a nurses uniform giggle lol

So how's about we play chess instead hmmm

Great! Chess, Tummy, Knees, Feet, Neck, whatever you want to play!! thumbs up
We could play tiddlywinks if you don't mind your wink being tiddled roll eyes


you can tiddle my wink anytime. Woo Hoo!!! head banger
Hi itchy wave well i am in position as yourself to take booster or not. I know after 2nd astra jab i realy had adverse reactions which after all this time are just about clear. Long time that with no doc saying yes or nay it was the jab.

If the booster is astra zenica i will refuse and will think long before any jabs. Believe me i do not get on with pricks so why should i get on with one which is prescribed

Stay safe teddybear
Oz, you need to hang around women more often hug

Rob, I'll keep that in mind wink
wave Red
reassurance can mean everything when in doubt but the way I tend to go about somethings....
when I don't know what to do, I do nothing until I do.

Despite being vaccinated, did you ever contract covid?
I did whilst recovering from the op in hospital, have to say it never knocked a whiff out of me, maybe because I was protected, I don't know but I did find comfort, I were at the time.

G'luck in which ever way you decide teddybear

Ps, I can relate to not getting on with pricks either laugh
Haven't seen you in awhile Leno wave
keeping well & good I hope.

I'll be back later to watch all of your upload but I did watch 2/3 mins of it.
It was the middle of November I got the booster, same time I was offered the flu jab (my first time ever taking it) but never again... for days upon days afterwards I suffered with a very sore dead arm.
Itchy did you now receive this?
What are blood thinners?
Blood thinners are medicines that prevent blood clots from forming. They do not break up clots that you already have. But they can stop those clots from getting bigger. It's important to treat blood clots because clots in your blood vessels and heart can cause heart attacks, strokes, and blockages.

I had two blood clots from not getting out of my seat enough in a plane
One was already in my long
I was given Warfarin right away........
wave Jenny
I'm on blood thinners since May, first 10 days they were injected into me to help dissolve them quicker, which they said was a must because the clot they said is dangerous given where it is plus, in a vein. I'm now on tabs twice a day. yet you say there NOT to help dissolve, which I can believe because of certain pains I still get.

I was to have monthly follow ups, more than two months later, still waiting to be called.....
our health system here, is pathetic thumbs down
Glad you survived! wave hug I got the vaccine and two boosters and I had Delta. I don't plan on any more boosters. I'm wearing my mask around others and I don't go out much. Stay well, damnit!
Right now, the Legacy Media is saying, believe it or not that blood clots are due to Heat or, get this....GARDENING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!........I am NOT joking
IF you can find it, there is a Research paper done on Graphene Hydroxide.............. The Doc who wrote this was a MASTER in the field of Graphene oxide and it;s derivatives... His paper exposed the use of 'graphene Hydroxide in Vaccines. Graphene Hydroxide was created in the form of micro- blades that, when itroduced into the bloodstream, will take healthy veins and arteries that normally have SUPER-smooth walls and "shred-em". Platelets get caught on the cuts and develop the clots...........He was killed four days after he released his research and his Paper was removed from any mainstream media source that could be found. MAYBE, someone has a copy. It was published here but THAT Blog was removed as far as I can tell. His name was Dr. Andreas Noack and the article MAY still be read at: www.thevoid/uk,
I see that my blog can’t be copied. Looks like another blocking technique of the truth.
If you go to Seaworthy blogs you can scroll down and find it.
Or just hit the hyperlink in my reply. They forgot to block that
Important info about smart meters in the UK..............You DO NOT have to accept them...

Australia: New South Wales Data Proves It’s a Pandemic of the Vaccinated
Wednesday, July 20, 2022 6:11

According to New South Wales (“NSW”) Health’s latest surveillance report, Covid injections are “very effective in preventing the severe impacts of infections with the virus” and those who have chosen not to have a “vaccine” are significantly overrepresented in hospitals.

As their own data proves, the statement about the unvaccinated being overrepresented in hospital is a complete lie. It follows, as there is no more severe impact than hospitalization and death, their statement that the experimental injections are “very effective in preventing severe impacts” is also a lie. NO CLYNICAL STUDY COULD EVER PROVE THIS

But the data doesn’t lie and NSW Health data shows that “in the last seven weeks, you are 37 times more likely to be hospitalized with Covid if you are vaccinated than if you are not,” Joel Smalley wrote yesterday. And the vaccine-free aren’t dying at a
higher rate either.

Here's what the bastards want YOU to believe:

Covid-19 vaccines are very effective in preventing the severe impacts of infections with the virus. Over 95 per cent of people aged 16 and over in NSW have received two doses of a Covid-19 vaccine, while more than 68 per cent of people eligible for their third dose have received it. With such high vaccination coverage in the community, a greater proportion of people admitted to hospital or intensive care unit (ICU) with Covid-19 are now vaccinated with two or three doses. However, people who are not vaccinated remain far more likely to suffer severe Covid-19. The minority of the overall population who have not been vaccinated are significantly overrepresented among patients in hospitals and ICUs with Covid-19.

NSW Health: NSW respiratory surveillance reports – Covid-19 and influenza, Summary of epidemiological week 27 ending 9 July 2022

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