Do you remember the mask haters? Have you ever seen one say 'perhaps I was wrong'?

I used to question the worth of wearing the anti-pollution masks in Beijing, and they were a common phenomenon in China 10 years or more ago. Things have changed, haven't they? In early 2020 there were abusers who would rant at and even attack mask-wearers. Blogs were infested with anti-mask wearers.
As I asked above - have you ever seen one say maybe I was wrong?

So too the stolen electioneer-ers - loud and barking mad. Will you ever see them admit it was just nonsense? Some will finally go silent, some never will, and few indeed will say, shamefacedly, well yes, it was all nonsense indeed.
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There is enough evidence to warrant investigation into election fraud . The AG's of 18 states would know alot more about it than you . And as for masks , have you ever heard about personal choice ? it's when a person can choose to wear a mask or not , different than being forced to wear one .
Do you wear a seat-belt when driving, or exert personal choice? Do you smoke in public buildings or express personal choice? Do you spit in the street - I remember days when there were street signs saying 'no spitting' - so much for personal choice. Swear or drink in public? What you do at home is your business. Try thinking below the surface.
Your carefully crafted insults come down to one thing , you have spent too long with communists .
And as for 'enough evidence' none of the courts or prosecutors think so. Speculation and wishful thinking do not amount to evidence, except for those perhaps who believe in things like the bible. Of course historically the Inquisition did not need such evidence but we have progressed just a little.
Spent too much time with communists? Well of my time in China, I never met one. You on the other hand, it would seem, have spent too much time with sheep.
I am afraid it does not matter what anyone says i will wear a mask on transport and shops etc. Also were large numbers of people are gathered grin and that will only be at bus stop.

When i was in China granted a tour i found the people and country fascinating and very kind. No rubbish and found in chewing gum on streets either.

We had 3 different flights to different parts of China and the only time i became disturbed somewhat is the Chinese do not put up with disruption or bad management at airports. wow Could that be my stiff upper lip laugh laugh laugh
@ex when I was first in mainland China in 1997 (having been to HK around 1978) spitting and hawking (in the sense of clearing the throat) were disturbingly endlessly to be seen heard and trodden on, as was the discarded rubbish. Chewing gum it seemed was the undercoating of every table and chair, and the coating of every street in Los Angeles. Both have improved greatly (although I haven't been back to the USA, it is just hearsay). Queue jumping in China was dreadful but that too has improved (somewhat). I would imagine not a few murders have been committed over queue jumping in America, they being blessed by a constitution permitting gun carry! God bless America.
In free society mask mandates were more trouble than they were worth. Disgracing western values in the face of rising china will prove to be so much more dangerous than covid. An aging precious coward c*nt generation may yet regret the destruction of the individual in society. Worst general public ever.
And it's not the only example of liberty being ravaged by those who think only of their own safety. But you'll be left with neither. How much poorer we are than before, what little we can do compared to before are not a good thing. It's not a good thing to blend seamlessly into this new fascist century, and instead of the crap new old people we need the brave old old people who respond to a difficulty like they've faced one before.
30 federal judges threw your cases out of court and turned Trump into a public laughing stock.laugh

The so called "kraken" is trying to use insanity as her defense in court to save herself.laugh

Typhoid Mary types have no right to infect our food supply and spread disease. Even if its their personal choice.
@chesney ah, chum, a chopstick in the ant's nest brings them out doesn't it! Pay your no-seatbelt and driving-with-smartphone and hopefully no-mask fines and grumble about the decline of democracy! Why not add drink-driving and drugs to restriction of liberties? The rise of the ignorant loudmouthed ranters is palpable.
What kind of shit hole city state do you live in
.. when all you are able to think about is
Amerika the bytch & Trumpenstein the creature Feature. ?...
.. rhetorical question. Delete as required by your defective mind.
@ poor bob - the issue here in this blog is not gormless turds like you but the global issue of ranters who dishonoured and discredited never 'fess up' - wearing masks or seatbelts or driving with no smartphone in hand or not insisting nonsense of stolen election or of 5G cancer. None of you fools ever 'fess up' do you? Here I said I was originally dismissive of masks - but I confess I was mistaken, Still unconvinced of the efficacy in Beijing pollution. But I saw brown skies with no sun in Los Angeles too.
@bob delete? I prefer to illustrate the idiocy:
Fargo, I think you may be in danger of throwing the baby out with the bath water.
bot gonna explain what I mean)
Mixing election teft up with masks reminds me of how the hardcore consp thorites
claim everything under the sun is steered by Soros. Well some of us can think one way on one thing, another on another and also 'fess up' if and when it's CLEAR that we fouked up. I'm good at admitting mistakes believe it or not. And no I have not seen evidence the election was fair, however I hope the next one will be as I have given up thinking the crime of the century that was ever will be rectified as it's too big u see.

By the way, did you notice they tried twice (at a minimum)
to get Trump kicked out of office and it was nothing but hot air?
That should tell you something.
Was meant to say:
"Fargo, I think you may be in danger of throwing the baby out with the bath water.
(not gonna explain what I mean)"
Eating dinner and writing at nce.
The common good is not the same thing as communism epirb.
I was pro mask , pro vaccine and anti mandate .Mandates caused a political backlash that weakened the covid response in NZ . The op has no idea about personal liberty , keep the company of dogs and share their fleas .
There is no such election fraud. You keep proving that you have zero knowledge or understanding of the issue. You blather about "18 AGs" (don't use an apostrophe for the plural) as if it's your mantra.

Watch every minute of the hearings, with first-hand testimony from the people involved. They were there, and you were not. They are Republicans who initially supported Trump. They know Biden won and Trump lost. They observed Trump's numerous illegal attempts to overthrow Biden's legitimate win. They have a thorough understanding of the Constitution and of election law and you do not.

If you can refute the sworn testimony of Cippolone, B.Jay Pak, Rosen, Donaghue, Hershmann, Krebs, Quested, Barr, and all the other witnesses, then please do so.

Your mask viewpoint is similarly ignorant and similarly irrelevant.
We all know Trump won , even you .
@epirb My goodness how to analyse the rationalisation and self-deception that enables you to make such absurd assertions!

@grand well no, in fact this thread is not about masks but rather about those who (like yourself) hold to absurd ideas which should require no response being self-evidently false, but which nevertheless have been painstakingly refuted time and again. The disproofs are plentiful, but the enlightenments are not. People like you cling to the absurd and never utter the 'perhaps I was wrong'. Even Trump children have, but not the likes of you or epirb!
I'll re-repeat terminally stupid or fundamentally large enough for you? peer review satisfactory? were the results statistically significant?

New study: Face mask usage correlates with higher death rates
Using data from 35 countries and 602 million people, peer-reviewed study confirms previous research and cautions use of face masks "may have harmful unintended consequences."

A new peer-reviewed study entitled: "Correlation Between Mask Compliance and COVID-19 Outcomes in Europe" has demonstrated that use of face masks, even widespread, did not correlate with better outcomes during the COVID epidemic, based on data from 35 European countries with populations of over one million people each, encompassing a total of 602 million people.

The study noted that the average proportion of mask usage in the period investigated (October 2020 until March 2021) was 60.9% ± 19.9%.

Governments and advisory bodies have recommended and often mandated the wearing of face masks in public spaces and in many areas mandates or recommendations remain in place, despite the fact, the study notes, that randomized controlled trials from prior to and during the epidemic have failed to show a benefit to the wearing of such masks with regard to COVID transmission.

"Positive correlation between mask usage and cases was not statistically significant," the study also found, "while the correlation between mask usage and deaths was positive and significant (rho = 0.351, p = 0.039)." That is to say, more mask usage correlated with a higher death rate.

The study used a variety of statistical methods to study correlation but "none of these tests provided negative correlations between mask usage and cases/deaths ... Surprisingly, weak positive correlations were observed when mask compliance was plotted against morbidity (cases/million) or mortality (deaths/million) in each country."

The study also noted that the public may have gained the impression that masks could be helpful due to the fact that mandates were usually implemented after the first peak of COVID cases had passed. However, it became evident that masks were not in fact helpful later that same year, when widespread mask usage does not appear to have mitigated the severity of the COVID wave of winter 2020.

"Moreover," the study concludes, "the moderate positive correlation between mask usage and deaths in Western Europe also suggests that the universal use of masks may have had harmful unintended consequences."
SOMEthing appears to be causing deaths Worldwide to "Skyrocket" - +1,300/week in UK
Might Excessive Masking be a Contributing Factor ... dunno

The OBVIOUS Suspect, of course, is "That What Must Not Be Named" - Big V ... wink

@Fargo... Your comment, "Speculation and wishful thinking do not amount to evidence, except for those perhaps who believe in things like the Bible".

Would you like to elaborate on your comment? What you are saying, is that the Bible needs a Peer review and until that's done, it's just "speculation and wishful thinking". Have you not read the multitudes of peer reviews? Specifically of, The New Testament?

@Fargo... Here's yet another comment of yours on an other blog. "There are demented deluded and obsessional people who believe a fairy story about a resurrection 2000 odd years ago".

@starg what don't you understand? The bible IS a fairy story. The Greek myths carry equal weight for me. This is my view. There may be other values gleanable from the bible, but that is up to the reader and believer.
Not sure if this Dr was being disingenuous do to the channel he was sending out his podcasts or he really is clueless.

We've spoke of ADE from the very beginning (Antibody Dependent Enhancement). This occurs when the immune system starts to deteriorate. There were numbers battered about that said the vaxxed were losing 5% of their immune system monthly. Now, lets add wearing a mask, which decreases the immune system as well. We now have a double reason for the excess deaths.

Very disappointed in this Doctor. If you want to have a open and conversation look at the Doctor they have kicked off all of the MSM.....Vernon Coleman from the UK, he is insightful and brings 50 years experience to the situation......
Overall it would have been wiser to have made masks optional. We should prefer minimal law at the best of times and not even enforce rules when people don't know what they're doing which is our misfortune as a species that becomes more certain the less it knows.
He May've been AMBIGUOUS -
Intentionally Refraining from Naming "That What Must Not Be Named" (Big V wink ) to avoid having his channel cancelled by YouTube ... very mad

Perhaps you severally mean 'due' rather than 'do' I cannot be sure.

@mic would you like to explain how your words are relevant to this thread?
Answer Myrta.

And give us your evidence.

Oh wait there isn't any.

You just need to believe in the crooked wanna-be orange Mussolini, who everybody knows lost.
Thats Dr Mussolini to you
thumbs up
Happy to oblige, Hoss!!

1) the OP mentions MASKS
2) Seaworthy said MASKS may cause unintended health issues.
3) I said MASK health issues might be the cause of skyrocketing death rates (See vid)
4) Seaworthy suggested the doc in the vid should know it's Not MASKS - Likely "Big V" wink
5) I said the doc may've Avoided sayin' it was "Big V" wink to avoid gettin' his YouTube channel cancelled - Which is what caused me to link the skyrocketing death rates potentially to excessive use of MASKS.

Seeee ... batting

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