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In America, serving chicken usually has it cut in parts, severed at the joints. Drumsticks, wings, thighs. It has always been thus. Ask Colonel Sanders... A bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken at a party and you would ask what part do you want?
Chicken stew and soup often had the bones removed so there were no surprises.
It wasn't until a coworker who hailed from Trinidad invited me to a Roti shop to have some traditional food from her country.
Simple description: a Roti is wrapped meat and potato pie with curry spice.
It didn't come with a warning that the chicken was randomly chopped and guaranteed to have sharp bone fragments! Trips to a Roti shop were limited.

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Next up... lunch at a Jamaican restaurant. They have chicken, rice, vegetable on a plate. Your chicken choice is dark meat or white meat. Expect it to be randomly chopped with a meat cleaver. At least with the Jamaican style chicken you can make out the bone fragments.

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Most of the Asian countries do not butcher meat as we do in the west. In many countries in Asia, flattening a dead bird is considered the best way to deliver a chicken.

Eating chicken in Asai is akin to eating fish, always a mouthful of bones

I always buy whole chickens and carve them western style when home.
I had Chinese take-out last night and the lobster was randomly chopped... just enough where I could use a chop stick to get the meat out.
Here in India , if you are eating or ordered food outside of home , from restaurant or food outlets , then nonveg items which includes chicken or mutton pieces , most probably will be content with bones .. Unless if you have clearly mentioned for "Boneless" items specifically in your order..

Also the chunks of meat will be mostly unevenly shaped and sized .. conversing
@Rizla don't forget the quaint custom of spitting the bones on the floor!
Earlier in the week, I drove through a part of Fort Lauderdale where a few Roti shops were along the street. No time to stop.
@op doesn't your partner cook simple white chicken or soy chicken, cut it in half down the middle and then chop it with the meat cleaver? Plenty of splintered bones to be sure! Served with ginger and shallots
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There is an unwritten rule in my house... no 'chop-chop' splintered chicken bones.
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