R a n g e ....[ addenda

Mctag. )..to all my Critics w/ teddy bears...

Once considered the best $how of its kind, with sum of the best guitar work ever recorded, to go with a simple name from Amerikan aviation..} U 2.
..this is their super Position ) ..as eYe 'feel it.'
Who's gonna ride UR* wild horse ?
C...the Joshua Tree
.2..how to dismantle an Atom bomb..
1. .yhwh.
...now then, if you had 2.66% of this "rubbish"
You could buy up properties in Fresno or Bel air
With money left over for Burger King & a Chevrolet.

And if you were at full participation, ie, a band mate,
The benefits go without me repeating it...
..just to point out.) Carte blanche at any fine hotel ..with every Politician under the Sun wanting to know you..
*217..ur/uwr...4... flame, light, East x wake up.
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Please Mister please..
.. don't play B 17...(..0 N... John.

If you had 1.9% ..0f that, you could per Adventure
..buy everyone a Coke.
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