Gone with the wind - re-examined

I slept late this morning but woke to hear Geraldine Doogue interview Sarah Churchwell - fascinating stuff!

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An interesting aside - the book has not yet been published in USA
Have you actually read the book, or are you jumping on the Churchwell bus,

It's a history of a time that will never happen again - gone forever. It doesn't defend itself, it just tells a story and paints a picture of a time when a few benefited by the hard work of many, and then there was a war, and they lost, and the many were liberated (and, in true American fashion, usually told to cope as best they could).. Many fascinating books of colonial India on the turn are true to their time, also a bit shocking to read now because of their harry-casual attitudes. For that matter probably some Australian books which were simply unaware of why rebelling aborigines had to be slaughtered and run off lands they had considered tribal for generations. Tut.

Books that map a time of extreme change aren't wistful, nobody wants those times back, but they are portraits of that time. Nobody wants to live in Chaucer's time, but we read him with interest.

Anyway. By banning all these books of the past we are indeed, how did she put it, doing violence to history, as collective denial turns fictions into lies, and lies into a vicious reality. The victors always rewrite the past, and soon all of it, even the novels, will be gone with the wind.

Time to build a big bonfire, burn the lot, and believe only what we are told on CS. peace banana
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