Would it be possible for a non biological brain to be created that could simulate all the functions of the human brain?
We know that a programmed computer can store all the info needed to answer most questions. It can be made to communicate orally, make decisions based in the facts supplied. It can recognise people and even look human. What is missing? Is it compassion? It could be taught to react in certain situations to offer kindness and support. It could kill if armed and programmed to react in various situations.
So, what else would it need to fully meet human requirements?
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Lunar update....[ .Hal 9000 + Patriot act + gold + deep blue + Ripper the Empath = Hal 10,000.
...this is his first fact check...
.when the moon hits your eYe
.like a big pizza pie..
Uwr probably going to die..} .y ? .. because eYe
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One more time, if Putin had installed The horrific
Orange man. Orange would still be the color & beverage of the day....why does Hal say this ?
Because the installation means the FBI, NSA, CIA, NRO, ONI & HGO'$ ..are either worthless OR
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Time to wake the star up....
Mental Funeral / autopsy
Bang bang bang.) Ronson & biz. International
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Agent b.
Exactly what I was thinking.
thumbs up
Using the star date 1940+ oo5 can $€€ ..a pattern...Vlad put it this way..

First we take E.Europe, next the masses of Asia of
Asia. Then we shall ENCIRCLE .the U $ of A.
.we will not have to will fall like over ripe fruit into our hands..
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Invasion of the body snatchers
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et Cetera..
Agent b
Yep. That sums it up.
@ crown

You should post some links, about AI..

Plenty of stuff on YouTube, and on the net in general...
Start with 'neural networks'..

@ crown

Not hanging around blogging tonight, need sleep! I'll check back on yr blog..a bit later..

On the other hand, as long as Hal 10000
Is here...the blog is alive w/ frequent
Radio activity...
...did ya know this Uvalde TX story is yet another example of how the group- crowd brain is always wrong-- or just plain non sensical..
..400 police officers from a Consortium of Cop agencies descended on Uvalde like Vultures..
...and did NOTHING...all waiting for a word from a
Higher bureacrat...) ..the very image of what my drill sergeant would call a 4 layered Clusterfuch.
Agent b
Even a police officer with AI brain would have dealt with situation. Useless overweight slobs who just pose as the law.
..if you fed all available information* about Uvalde
Into would get 2 easy to read words

* ..A smarter man than me did a photo analysis of the elementary school available from Google Earth.
The site was VACANT ( ..NO school
Until just prior to the Exercise.
And 400 officers is 366 too many for a small town...just sayin...)
Blog Amended. | .n a s c a r.

Reminder that you saw it here...} McFirst..
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Agent Bob
Knock, knock.
Who's there?
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... meanwhile, Bill Maher is handing out red pills
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Robocops could be the future. No need for traditional cops. They could do just as well. Maybe occasionally shoot a few people by mistake. But that's the tradition anyway.
The only friend you would ever need for all situations would be one constructed artificially, based on the Stepford model, and as soon as they are mass produced, we can live peacefully, knowing that all our needs will be met.
Bob's already merged with AI, by the look of it......professor
Maybe extra terrestrials have already used AI machines to pilot their craft to cope with forces that would destroy human type pilots. That would explain the Grey's so commonly witnessed by UFO experiences. They would be the characters used by the aliens to do the difficult work.
AI falls down at common sense and the reason why anything happens. What people have at least potentially is the versatility of thinking and the will of their own, that's what you need to judge intentions or inspire motivation and what we would mean by the spirit of the law. The AI is to be done, or to not get done, on the basis of technicality at all times.
And common sense is important, even more important, when the system is not working. Like in the west today or in this wonderful world of technology which is like a techno dark age. There's nothing tried and trusted about the law in relation to the modern facts it's an entirely new landscape that in certain respects land us back in the 8th century. The masters of the system are like ignorant children in the face of these new conditions. The rule book has never been less fit for purpose because the game is completely new.
And it's the west that will come cropper because of its liberal democratic individualist culture that expects a degree of actual justice from the law. The collective authoritarian states are somewhat immune because the law was never expected to be just, there's an unwritten rule that you die for the society in general. The individual is nothing, the system everything.
Diplomatic immunity is an example of this human intelligence compromising with things as they are. When the fascists attempted their lawful march through the Jewish neighborhoods of east london it was blocked by the police because it would have been a bloodbath. This discretion, this ability to "get" people cannot be wholly discounted particularly in an authority where in theory the legitimacy comes from the people.
Here's a $cary thought....

At least ] Ten years ago, Boston Dynamics was
Beating the [ ...] ...out of their test robots...
Dropping bricks on them...
Baseball bat to the ribs...
Stumbling blocks in the way...
And other human..{ .pranks...

..this does not bode well for Amerika..
Big blue ) Vampire weekend
Damn these Vampires ) Mtn.goats.
Live bullet. .) Seger & the silver bullet band.
... synthesis. } Time of season ) Zombies.
What I'd like you to think about is how badly wrong we were in the first lockdown because that's where we are with the internet and all this new technology. Kindergarten stage that if we survive for long enough will be seen as ridiculous, extremely ridiculous. This industrial revolution is a time for digital asbestos and going down a virtual mine that collapses on your head. And it's your fault it collapsed because your tuberculosis lung coughed too loud.
And yet human intelligence is only so good as ones ability to use it.

If you're familiar with the story of the post office masters and what happened there then this is a great example of what I'm saying. The bureaucracy would rather believe that an entire generation had suddenly and spontaneously become thieves rather than question the new software that they'd just put on the system which turned out to be completely and entirely guilty. They ruined family after family after family and this is an example of the Davros mentality employed as public sector vermin. The epic failure of human intelligence.
Thanks for that show of feelings and caution about AI.
At some point there must be an independent watch dog to monitor the progress and development of such technology. Otherwise, there is the danger of improper use to say the least. But across the world this would be difficult, especially with countries where international problems already exist. Example, China, Russia, North Korea and certain middle Eastern areas. AI in the wrong hands could be catastrophic.
AI in the wrong hands could be catastrophic.....
thumbs up thumbs up
Quite possibly, the human brain is already programmed to react in certain ways and is loaded with instructions as to how a person is to play their part in this world. There are people who perform a range of tasks that are essential to our existence. Is it just by chance or luck that humans can work on a production line and do repetitive tasks, yet others can't function that way and perform other more complex activities? Someone designed humans to cover a range of tasks. Artificial intelligence would be programmed in the same way. So we are closer to a machine's behaviour than maybe we are aware.
The advances in AI technology could be a method used by extra terrestrial civilisations to gradually steer us into creating robot creatures that could be used to take control of this planet, and make it easier for any alien forces to transfer power to them.
Transhumanism involves the combination of the biological body and technological parts. We are on a path to creating people that become more like cyborgs. Research into transfering the contents of the brain into a computer including what you would call the mind, is what will happen in the future. Civilisations on other planets that existed many hundreds or thousands of years before us, would have already discovered this technology, and no doubt have created robotic creatures that can be replicated. Maybe that are slowly feeding us the technology to bring us closer to them so that we will one day join them.
A melding of the biological computer (the human brain); with silicone based AI seems inevitable. Add in some genetic engineering, and you never know what is possible! Is any of this stuff "ethical"? Probably not, but does anyone give a damn about such things, these days?

It is probably how, alien life forms come into being (as you have noted). Space travel then becomes possible, once such creations are no longer "biological", but instead are sentient silicone based digital life forms, capable of self replication, (as well as hibernation) for thousands of light years, across vast intergalactic journeys?
If quantum computing can be further developed, the AI/human hybrid may be perfect for Advanced Intergalactic Travel.

After all, the temperature of Outer Space, would allow quantum computers to work with maximum efficiency!
I don't object to transhumanism, as long as the attractiveness of the female form is retained. And any replication would be welcome if the robotic construction could be designed to assist with domestic duties and anything else that was required.
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Agent B
May I suggest you compile a key or explanatory code to some of your language terminology, so that I can benefit as much as possible from your comments. Then I can make reference to it and work out what your coded language is saying. It doesn't have to be Cypher standard.
How in the wide world of $ports could you..
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We - of course- think he is WONG ! began with the passage of the Fed. Reserve Act..( ..which made it all possible. ) ...pure Logic @ speed Once again.
Thanks. Shouldn't have any problems now.
uh oh
Part 2. | does irk the Bobster that so many thespians & free thinking cave Monkees
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..They [ apparently ] .need the underpaid underdog Fresno pool man to inform their discretion...viz.
Because the Internet.) C. Gambino
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The other secret, thus making it the
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1049. House of Rock. [ . McBob, resident Dee jay.
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