Edelweiss - Beginning [ I ]



“I have my own sins, for which I pay a heavy price. However, with the little of humanity that’s left inside me, I still walk forward on this path of life. My trials, awaits me, with each step moving further. From everything, I’m learning. I am.. indeed, a student of life…
It came the day when I decided to write again, after a long break of about two years. There were times when to ask myself what was the purpose of all I’ve done, along time, through art, oscillating between this ruthless world in which I was born, and the beauteousness of the clouds above, always reminding me of something beyond. Were times in which to see the nothingness of this world, all what is Vanity, truly, a glimpse of it, to have seen it. It is beyond my comprehension, what is really happening, and even my faith, oscillates, being inclined to just go with the flow, to a neverending road to nowhere.. or, better said, to loose myself into a world in which everything what is holy be forgotten, everything what adheres to a belief, to be just a fairytale or a reason of mockery, or.. to just take the same paths on which the entire world seen as a whole walks on – even if that means to go straight to the same cliff, blind folded, deaf and with no humanity left, and just make the step over the cliff; but that would not be easy, as inside me there is always a fight, as watching beyond all these, to have distinguished just my weaknesses, or inability to deal with the fact that truth is Truth – relevant to a cause, while an imagined truth or altered perception is just something particular, upon the orientation of a person in what this world has to offer, or upon what he or she had acquired, along its path, through experiences, or any other factors which intervene, modifying the parameters of its life.
I should leave all these behind. It is time to wake up again, and live, anchored in Reality. It is indeed, something beyond all these. I do not wish to deny what’s obvious: I am alive. There is still, a little of humanity left inside me, and that is something which this world, or these interactions with the world, could not destroy…”

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- Shall be continued…

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