Yep, never seen this exorbitant price of fuel during Trump's time

A dollar a gallon anywhere today? Yeah right. In your dreams. Liar.

This isn't a comparison, just addressing lies from blind demonrats.

I think all of the Biden supporters are happy about this never before seen price of fuel.

They must all be rich and never get affected by it. I am not going anywhere anymore because a full tank of my car costs me over a hundred bucks. Yikes.

I'm not comparing the price from last week or month but during the last administration and today. very madvery mad
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Fuel, food, housing prices are high everywhere. Reasons why have been explained on several blogs and by many business analysts and none have pointed the finger at President Biden.
Auto fuel costs are high across the entire world, think yourself lucky to be paying only $5.50 a gallon.

Netherlands Amsterdam $6.48
Norway Oslo $6.27
Italy Milan $5.96
Denmark Copenhagen $5.93
Belgium Brussels $5.91
Sweden Stockholm $5.80
United Kingdom London $5.79
Germany Frankfurt $5.57
France Paris $5.54

Per US gallon
We're programmed to blame the government for these prices. There's no depletion of energy anywhere in the world. When Trump was president he made sure we're not dependent on any country for fuel from any country. It's always blamed on policy made by those in power.
I blame Biden. You don't,? Good for you.
Not in my state.
I just filled up at 6.35 yesterday. Over a hundred bucks. During Trump my full tank was half that.
It's not going to get any better soon
Wow I'm comparing the price of fuel from the last administration to the present and not from last week. very mad
I have not been driving like I have been accustomed to. very mad
Cost of living would be the same no matter who is President. It's a worldwide problem.
actually, you're right. it's going to get worse.

o'biden tapped reserves again. some sold off. a refinery suffered an explosion not to long ago. that will drive pricing up again if it can't be brought back online quick enough.

the war on fossil fuels isn't for our sake. it's a bunch of b.s. the demonrats are pushing. yes. the price hikes and inflation are direct results of bad policies. seems to be a demonrat trade mark. the country always does worse with them and people still allow them into places of office they have no business being in.

even ol' billy sold us out with nafta and deregulated the housing market to what became the 2008 recession. bush never did a single thing about it or for the country to reverse gears. jobs left the u.s. but that didn't negate mortgage payments and such.

obozo kept the economy choked then added more costs, taxes, and mandates on the people. funny how much of our tax dollars go to billion dollar corporations under demonrats. keep spending but never any policies that work to put any thing back. just keep costs and debt rising.

that is why demonrats are fighting so hard to try to keep trump out of office. things were good. his policies worked. lifted the u.s. and the globe up a bit. communists can't have that. thus the russian collusion hoax, hunter's laptop was signed off as russian disinformation, two attempted sham impeachments, plus a whole lot more still going. power and control until they have us ALL down on our knees with less rights where ever they can take them.

food shortages predicted too. makes sense since there have also been a number of food processing plants that suffered severe damage this year. not sure the farmers are doing too great over all either. not mention how much more we're importing over exporting.

bad policies all around and they don't give a damn about the people, law and order, the country, the Constitution, or anything else they're supposed to be upholding and working for under oath of office.
Well I'd deregulate arguing that green energy is now more than capable of competing against fossil fuels on its own.

Scratch the surface tho and we are looking at the downfall of global capitalism and an end to China exporting deflation for over 30 years. To someone who regards this as inevitable I would prefer it to happen now than ten years from now. Would have preferred this after 2008 to be honest but we can't go back in time. At any rate it's better to stop the quislings now than in another ten years when people in the west are a decade more silly and China a decade more fascist. They've been lulling us into complacency for years better to not give them more years.
what is Global Capitalism?
Call it by its real name,Mercantilism,or Global Fascism,where Government is picking the Winners and Losers!
Where the biggest Grifters rise to the Top like the Scum they are,and Merit gets shortchanged and cheated out of success!
Il Douche gave the game away when he exclaimed:
"Fascism should rightly be called Corporatism, as it is the merger of corporate and government power." Benito Mussolini
Your reasons are yours and mine are min.conversing
Absolutely D. These fools are fooled. sigh
I'll get back with you on this one Obs
Gas prices are down 37 days in a row in LA area.

I don't have "reasons", just common sense.
Yep it seems CS, isn't working for everyone. sigh
Like I said, I am not comparing it from this month's to the last. I'm comparing it from the previous administration to this stupid one.very mad
If Trump was president now, you'd be experiencing the same price hikes. It has little or nothing to do with whose arse is sitting in the Oval Office.
It's quite an essay for me to present a different scenario. Cut short, here's the picture. Policy makers want their cuts for their coffers. Much like OPEV did. Big corporate entities dictate and control the flow. Hike the price and those in power to push the agenda makes it happen.

All of a sudden the world has shortage in this commodity?. I don't think so.
Read this. The reasons for the high price of gas are listed after the five items on how to save money on gas.

Yep it's good to believe on anything that's convincing, isn't it?
Mine is from a different angle. doh
Mid western US farmers are short of diesel . Hope you could grow your own food and protect it , you may need to .
I'm wondering myself why these craps are our concern now?
I Googled it E and it's because during the pandemic life changed and this os one of the results. They should have anticipated the demand once normal life is back.

Authored by Frank Fang via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours),

House Democrats have blocked a Republican effort to prevent the Biden administration from selling oil from the United States’ strategic reserve to entities with ties to the Chinese Communist Party.uh oh wow
Trouble with Google they slant what you find , refineries have been closed including our own . Covid is the excuse not the reason . Lack of refined diesel will affect production sooner or later while it is just driving price increases for diesel currently . Green new deal is the problem .
Sad E. He's getting a lot of profit from that.
i know if the demonrats weren't so hateful, breeding and spreading it, we would not be in this position. neither would the globe.

they used the plandemic to create more chaos then compounded them with the o'biden misadministration. no such thing as "green energy" unless it's hydroelectric or geothermal.

we're not suffering because that's the way it has to be. it's because that's the way they want it to be while they try to find ways to keep a true leader out of the white house. politics and policies. all against the country and citizens because their hatred is so strong.

wouldn't have happened like this under trump. but like the plandemic, it would be demonrats doing their politics against the country trying to thwart one man that did a good job.
That's what I've been thinking D.
The price is dropping. OPEC has agreed to increase production (which made Putin cry).
I noticed it Ken nut even with the price today, it's a far cry from when Trump was president.
that's the problem. o'biden and cronies with their policies and more. we shouldn't have to worry or beg opec for any thing.

in fact, we didn't, until 2021 where it all started to be reversed against the u.s., the citizens, the constitution, and large domino effect across the globe.

even the many of the lefties want o'biden and cronies gone. yay
Oldest trick in the book!
Engineer a huge Priceincrease,the cut ut back a little,and preen as if you were the Savior of the world!rolling on the floor laughing
YesC. A very politically controlled tactics to fool us even more.
Ken, OPEC shouldn't have anything to do with our independent and abundant supply of oil.doh
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