Edelweiss - Beginning [ IV ]



“I still remember this man. I knew him long ago, from time to time my life intersecting with his. The passing of time, merely if changed something; he looks the same, for the many who knew him, - still carries the same eyes full of life, despite underneath the amber traces, there is much suffering hidden; his body, athletic as in his 20’s, kept in shape well for his efforts of taking up various jobs to maintain his living, serious and hard working man; I remember his smile, even to the toughest jobs, keeping on and on saying he’s on training, - such an amusement, even to myself, to hear him when about to dig with the shovel, to say about himself that he is resting and made a deal with an ogre who came right on time, to help him digging, while when a harder effort, to laugh saying: I left the ogre go away for all were too heavy for it, so, by now, here’s King Kong, to deal with the new issue, he could take it!.. What a funny man, indeed! Was such a companion, in everything, as those who came closer to him, to remember a true friend! For the rest of the world, who never knew him enough, he was just a fool lost into the crowd, or just a madman inspiring haughtiness or disdain; while for some, a tyrant to be feared, if not a lost cause indicating one never dealing with. But I still remember him saying, loudly, without any fear of repercussions: “In a world run by idiots in the spirit of lawlessness, smart people must die little by little, so that their stupidity may thrive!” As a matter of fact, despite his incisive manner of telling the truth, I respect him, for daring to oppose, in its own particular way, to the flow of the world; that’s for because the crowds always treasured their tyrants, and the world, of course, was always bent by the will of the few to rule them in what seemed to be a never-ending slavery. I could support him, if was up to me, - but not. Therefore, I am much inclined, with a respectful shake of hand, so like a comrade on the battlefield, for I know parts of its life – his struggles – like no one could. While most were only satisfied to judge him for blessing their tyrants, or to just despise, if not even hate the ways he is, or acts, - I only knew his heart. The heart that shows Humanity. Others like him, might have been lost already across time, into the darkness and evil, with their hearts turned into stone and become just ruthless advocates of lawlessness. Yet, he struggled to not fall into such side, even with the price of being left alone. Indeed, as one who knew a little more than others, about him, I could distinguish his fight. Not for survival. When you are like a dead, into the world, only then, you start truly to have a glimpse on what’s Reality. In rest, illusions. Illusions. Theatre for the crowds…”

[ … ]

- Shall be continued…

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