Edelweiss - Beginning [ V ]



“If in the times I barely knew him, my interest for understanding the world I live in was somehow reserved, - this has been changed, gradually learning about what’s beyond comprehension. He had so much, to give to this world, and I wasn’t the first, nor the last, to take everything he offered. One word, to define knowledge, has the dictionary; but him, oh! He could just write a new one!
I saluted the man, waving my hand, like a child who raise a new kite into the wind, for joy filled my heart even before coming closer; was the same feeling of relief, which someone gets it when about to reach the company of a friend, a much wiser one, who seems to make all troubles disappear with a smile. So funny! When I told him my problems, years ago, he did not said anything, too much; so I insisted, returning to the subject of matter which bothered me; with calm, he asked me to take stones from the ground, - different stones in size or color, despite my asking: why? – but once I gave him all the pebbles, curious of what about them, I started laughing, when he was calling them by names and throwing one by one, far away; he named them upon my problem, and .. how to not laugh, and sudden, everything to be forgotten?! All my troubles, vanishing away!.. So was enough for me to see him from afar, and the smile to slowly conquer my heart, making itself present. What a feeling, indeed! The feeling of a true friend, who does not ask anything else, than be myself! A true friend, who is there each time one needs it. A true friend, who knows to listen. And he’s right there, under the walnut. Resting, like a sage of a different age. ..”

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