Why do young people want old?

Now I know the idea of inheriting when they croak.scold laugh But, if seeking a real relationship, think about the risks. If a 70 year old marries a 70 year old, well...they may get to enjoy some years together. With similar upbringings, ideas, views, lifestyles and health.
If someone meets a person way older and they happen to fall in love, that is one thing. But, to actively seek out someone regardless of them being old is dumb. And risky.
The odds are against a long match. Historically, people were lucky to reach 50. So anything over 60 is on borrowed time. More so over 70. There are so many differences. Music, clothes, mobility, health. Do you, at 50 or 60 want to be caring for an invalid?
I cant relate to a person who didnt live through the 70s. I loathe music of the 80s and dont even play rap or hip hop near me. If you think paying mega bucks for jeans that have holes in them, do I have some to sell you. I only want $10. Don't mind the dirty color. It wont wash out. Dancing..yeah..right. Settle for that half minute? Lets go to the concert. Lets not. Too many people. Want to travel. No. Want to walk. Not if I dont have to.
Lets get some new furniture. Nope...like what I have already. Can we move the piano.. nope. Want sushi. Yuck. How about YOU try my pork hocks and sauerkraut?
The kids are coming over with their kids. Over my dead body those little monsters are going to touch stuff and scream.
I prefer my guy who groans the same as me when we get up. Remembers the candy store where a quarter bought a bag of penny candy and how we took forever to decide. When I miss what the TV said, he heard it and when he cant read the small print, I can. Our first cars cost $50 and we put fifty cents worth of gas in.
We both remember the first man on the moon and watching it on our black and white TVs. And lived through Nam.
We both see that light down the tunnel and can relate on that too. We dont have plans for the future, just getting to next week for sure.
Age is not just a number. It is reality. So weigh the risks before you think a person 20 years older is a catch.roll eyes
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Orz I so enjoy your blogs you put a big smile on my face and on top of that all you make so much sense
By the way, I have heard that after 79 years old you are on borrowed time. ???
I remarried at age 73 thus now almost 11 years ago he was 3 years older than me
I would never have married someone much younger, and for sure age is not just a number but realitywave
Hey Orzzz, when it comes to cars or motorbikes the older models are better in the long run for people on a tight budget;; the modern cars have so many sensors and electronic crap on them, you have to be a rocket scientist to be able to work on them...

And the modern food is just garbage these days, I feel much better if I eat a nice home cooked meal with real natural ingredients..
laugh Hilarious. I can relate to want you've written...makes so much sense.wine
A young woman seeking a penniless young man is what is dumb. She can always find one of those after the rich old man she married dies of old age and she becomes a middle aged woman with money. Of course if she has half a brain she still won't waste her time on a young man when there are rich old men looking for women who have their own money.
hmmm Good point...
For some reason what Frank Fritz on American Pickers said about chinese food comes to mind ..."it's cheap and there's plenty of it"
"Why do young people want old?"

The Young people want MONEY, MONEY, MONEY....

The old Men want Young people, some are pedophilia

Errol Musk 76 years (Elon Musk father) impregnate his step daughter 35 year.
This is a sick man. Was he grooming the step-daughter from the time she was a child? devil
The thing about two young people marrying is they will grow up together and share a past. Of course there is the problem when they mentally age differently. My problem is I always liked older men. Sensible and settled. Now, however, older is in a home or cemetery.doh
So guess have to settle for my own age group. Still an older man!laugh
Yes, I married a much older man for money.

Only problem is……he hasn’t got any! crying
In terms of outer beauty there is no reason. Older men maybe a little bit but then not even that much. The silver fox. I guess they desire the experience, the calm, although you could be mistaken to believe that elders are going to be kind to you. It will be to have less responsibility in the relationship. But obviously there aren't that many women out there looking for a male virgin. Women are usually the younger partner leveraging their looks to take less responsibility.
That's what I've seen from people watching anyway. What I also remember from being 19 is doing all sorts of things to say that I'd done them. That could easily include an older woman. The folly of youth. I wasn't looking for someone to take care of me it was a different type of irresponsibility.
Responding to your title.

My Grandmother responding to me wishing I was older. She said "Quit wishing your life away."
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