January 6th Hearings Have Backfired On Joe Biden And The Democrats

Democrats bet big on the January 6th hearings and things aren’t working out as planned.

The ratings for the hearings are terrible even though they’re airing them at prime time, and most Americans seem to have just moved on.

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The DOJ is paying attention. giggle
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing comfort
Those who Believed the Riot was an "Insurrection" - Still believe so.

Those who Believe the Election was Stolen -
Still believe so and the J6 Show Trial has Energized 'em as Voters.

INDEPENDENTS - Those who Most influence the Outcome of Elections -
Largely regard the charade as Cheap Political Theatrics -
A Waste of Time & Resources at a time when Many Believe the US is in the Worst Shape since WWII.

One pundit has opined that it's a Poorly Produced Political Soap Opera -
The Title of which oughta be "As The World Burns" ... very mad

The REAL Objective of the Soap Opera is to label The Don as an "Insurrectionist" -
And therefore Ineligible to hold Public Office under the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution -
Passed in the aftermath of the Civil War.

Read that Amendment, Y'all!
The 'Crats' PERSISTENT use of the Specific Word "Insurrection" is NOT(!!!) a Coincidence.

That makes UnMistakeably Crystal Clear how Terrified 'Crats are -
KNOWING The Don has the '24 'Publican Nomination for the Asking -
And he'll beat ANY 'Crat like a Rented Mule.

As STRONGLY Supported by Odds Givers - Folks who back Talk with MONEY ...
OH LOOK, Y'all!! - Kommiefornistan Guv Newsom is now Comin' On ike the Crats'

doh ... Freakin' SERIOUSLY?!?!
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

friggen System logged me out at the moment I posed!
I believed the insurrection was a "riot" actually. scold
Posted that is!laugh
most orderly "Riot" I ever saw!laugh
Very accurate thumbs up

Actually MORE people believe the election was stolen now than did on Jan 6. The Dems' desperate hearings can't change that. But, you know, instead of trying to address people's concerns as to election integrity, Dems have an army of lawyers who fight AGAINST attempts to tighten election security. Their refrain is the same each time: 'It's voter suppression!!'. So predictable. What they really mean is it's FRAUD suppression! The harder it is to commit fraud, the harder it is to get people like Biden over the line... smile
By the way Epoch Times has released a free to watch documentary on January 6th. I recommend watching it. It offers some different perspectives of events on the day than what the committee is providing.

It's so lame Mic.yep like that stupid Biden can't get any stupider. very mad
Oh Goody!

Epoch Times

Bias: Hyper-Partisan Right

Reliability: Unreliable, Problematic
Certainly no bias in the hearings is there , totally opened minded and fair with honest people running it . handshake handshake handshake
I get the sense that Many folks share those sentiments -

The Effect being that those folks are HIGHLY Energized to turn out & vote En Masse in order to Overwhelm 'Crat attempts to steal the '22 Mid-Terms.

It May lead to 'Crats bein' not merely Defeated -
But CRUSHED this November.

'Crats are Passing Up NO Opportunities to Destroy Themselves ... very happy

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