Edelweiss - CH I - The ALGORHYTHM [ III ]

Chapter I:

“One therefore is aware how the crowds are being manipulated into compliance to slavery and wars. Their training starts even before they are born, and that is through parenthood. Both male and female are being led to the same point of planning possibilities of prosperous future, which in case of a child – most of times – all the illusions are being imprinted and transmitted, in various ways. If the child is being nurtured into the world of lawlessness, lies and deceit occupy a main role even since cradle, continuing this reversible process in childhood times, forming gradually its future character, where the parameters are about to be modified when becomes a teenager, and from that point further, all that has been imprinted into its being takes lead by influencing in decisions, or better said, choices, - voluntary, or constrained; during youth, the control is being transferred to each individual, who will definitely have a leadership into modeling itself upon the rules of a society also formed from resemblance, interaction, spectrum of influence, characters being reshaped over and over again, - likewise, parameters changed, and thus, ancient goals of controlling the human being are done mostly in stealth mode, in secrecy and regardless consequences. So as in ancient times the rules seeking a path to attain immortality, which should work or better said, designed to work only to themselves – the rulers, - and those who serve them, - the new models of the futuristic world is being analyzed over and over again, till choices being made in favor of whom, how and when, under the same banners of progress and evolution, although both have the same root in common, which is dominion over the crowds. As long as the crowds are happy, all what goes along in the background of the scene, stays hidden; thus, when emerges to the surface, the crowds can not distinguish, and although among them, are individuals who could or can, are being removed, replaced, marginalized, until the point of lunacy and mockery, discrediting the truth in plain sight, which was always about to rule, to over-rule, to reign or conquer. Dominion. New forms or shapes of modeling society appears in gradual implementation, and as the time pass by, so less to notice, - if not led to the point of ignorance and denial. It is so easy, to stir the crowds in acceptance of wars and laws, but what is being harder is finding the right tyrant to rule upon them. It is, therefore, all, by choice…”

[ … ]

- Shall be continued…

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