Reverse engineering the google or youtube algorithm

The youtubes littering the right hand sidebar of my web page left me scratching my head. How on earth did the algorithm turn these up? Usually it shows a mix of Chess, Music, Maths, Boxing, but this one was rather bizarre.
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Newton, Nietzsche, Heidegger, Sartre, Kant? How did that happen? Go figure!
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The algorithm is interesting. I find it often suggests better music, and music videos, than I myself can type in. Based on my original selections of course! All hail the algorithm!
What are you worried about , looks just right for you .
@ epirb

Why would I worry, there, mate? Only people with the IQ of a grasshopper worry. I think you should go and gentle some sheep!

rolling on the floor laughing
That was meant for the OP
Ok, alright, sorry. Hold off on the sheep...

@lcbr the sheep need Fred Dagg gumboots, Trev.
I got videos on kabbalistic astrology once. Figured I had been talking to Conrad too much..uh oh
Fargofan ~ I find it annoying when I am trying to read or write something and these can be intrustive. However unlike adverts, they are often interesting. I think the fact that they suddenly appear and you did not ask them to is the annoying part.
heart beating There is so much love among the bloggers here, I can feel it over here in the little isle of saints and scholars. : daisy p.s. Sartre, Nietsche now that is interesting.
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