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..want to know what an Op in Iraq is like ? ..go put on some boots, long pants, long sleeve shirt & skate board knee pads. Grab your football helmet , gloves & a huge backpack.
Then go to the nearest fitness center. Go to the weight room & throw a 50 lbs. Weight in the backpack...now put another 35 lbs. Plate on top of the 50.. don't forget..add 1 gallon of water to pack.
Put the helmet & gloves on and proceed direct to a 120 F° sauna. ...
Now in the sauna, tear out the center fold of any Natl. Geographic 3rd world shit hole & tape to the wall.
Now stare at the image for 6 hours.But to make it realistic pour on sum feces & flies & bugs into the ambient space..... standby. ) ...
Page 194....My War, Sp4 Colby Buzzell { 2005.
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And the hits keep ON...and babel ON...

...covert Contracts } Control Top
Killer Joe ) ..) .rocky fellers
Food & Liquor .) .Fia$co.
What did you expect from the Vaccines ? ) Vaccines
Mental Funeral ) Autopsy
Post Op .) .4 out of 5 doctors
Did you hear me.? .) .red light district
..$¥Nthesis. } .LEFT HAND PATH | ENTOMBED.
..also ran. ) . Full Communism ) downtown boys.
Pyramid song. ) Radio head..
.2nd law. ) .muse.
C...NEW FOUND ....} ..radio Surgery
..2.. music is my radar .) .) .blur.
1. superCalifragile ) ..game theory.
..a. r. ) .. please stand by .) .the outer Limits..
McPhysics .| .the Time.

The timing .} .jets overhead
.. ticket 2 ride. } Beatles
C...J E T . } .Wings.
..2. leaving on a jet plane.) . various..
1. Jet propelled photograph } .soft machine
...also ran. } .jet L ag..} .. simple plan.
The grand purpose of the Above position
..is to illustrate that Left wing & right Wing.
Are connected LOGICALLY. to the fuselage
.. and in politics R connected to the CROWN
And Central banking for purpose of CONTROL.

. Please stand by. ) ..the Outer Limits
Out of limits ) . marketts
Secret history of the human race ) blood Incantation
..a r. ) .bonded by blood ) Exodus.

Just music!
Thanks... unfortunately just lost the speed of service until 8/10 ..2400
.. meaning. ) .there will be dead buffering. I have one of those bottom of the barrel 30 buck phone deals.

..back to My War, Sp4 Buzzell ..circa 2004
( Stuff the G I ' s write in the Latrine...)
Bush keeps lying, soldiers keep dying
Bush pays us good, though.
Make a smart move, vote to go home, vote Kerry [ D.
We're committed to Iraq no matter who you vote for, dumba**..
Wow, you guys R gay! I can't believe you think about Bush & Kerry while holding your ducks....wink
Information you CAN discuss with the media..
...my war....page. 139 ( .foot note
Smooth ride !
Independent suspension
Fast...} .60 mph.
Central tire inflation system
Automatic Transmission
..that thing got a Hemi ? ..( ..added by Sp4 McBob
350 h p Cat. Diesel
.. reporter access to Stryker vehicle is Lmtd.

My war } black Flag
Helicopter } .deer hunter
..stars & stripes forever..} ..sousa...
.eYe Corps | public affairs guidance
Be in proper uniform.
Don't answer ' what if ' Question or give opinion.
Don't editorialize about policy leadership.
Be brief. Use simple language.
Never Lie...{ .!!??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!88?????45..$...101.!!!?
Be [ very ] sure you understood the Question.
Be polite...it's your choice to talk to media or NOT.
.... courtesy of task Force Tomahawk .f. McBob...
Stop making sense ) . talking heads
What made my hamburger disappear ? ) Fred.
A Legal matter } .the Who.
Keys to Empathy
...if you have NO idea how to frame a bullet proof
Argument, and your special gift 1$ 'policy'...
A fine place to start ...is the ( gold n silver
C H A R T $ ...) ..) .from memory, here is where pitchfork devil . ) .(..a music site...
Was at on 3 / 11 / 20..
Pandemic ) Comethazine
And Nothing hurt ) spiritualized
Hope downs. ) Rolling blackouts Coastal Fever.
.... covert Contracts | Control Top
Better Oblivion community center } ~ ..moping
$0cial Q .s .) .Cage the Elephant..

McBob. ) ..on or about this time, Orange man declared on live TV : FEMA IS FULLY ENGAGED.
..thus far, all visible Evidence supports a fema pharma takeover on a Continental | global scale.
..to argue that the Operation$ become glorious & wonderful, whenever D. 1$ in Command...is to be a Zombie in the "body-$natched " sense of the Word.
.. staring at the Sun. ) TV on the radio
Marquee . Moon. ) . Television
TV set . } .the Cramps
... synthesis. } .the revelation will not be on TV.
..also ran.) .time of the season | Zombies.
Gold. .) . Interference
.sound of silver ) . LCD Soundsystem..
.. DNA, along came metal...
XX... Passover .} .black angels
IX...you in reverse. } built to spill
XI... born again. } .black sabbath
...a. r. } .IV....neon Bible } .arcade Fire.

.. descending like Vultures. ) . rogue wave
Heavy. } Iron butterfly
5th Dimension. } .byrds

Eagle 45. } ..the U S of A needs to get to six gee
..as fast as possible...- .D J T..via Twitter*
Logic is a bird tweeting in a meadow.- Spock.
Parting shot...

Thus, 5g , Twitter, Failbook, meta, YouTube
TV., Internet...even A M radio. All providing
Plenty of Information that our National Government, with state compliance, has declared & deployed
The quiet weapon in a silent war.
..( priority one being population reduction & Control.)
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