The Phone Calls

Phone rings and rings and rings, while I'm busy I might add. I answer it, the voice on the other ends says, "Hi, your warranty on your car is about expire, even though you have a car that's been out of warranty for ten years already."

"And we know this how? Well, I'm not really sure, but anyways, now you can renew it at a low cost of only 255 dollars a month. What do you say to that?"

I answer, "Get lost!" I hang up.

Immediately after, another call rings and rings in, while I'm still busy I might add. I answer it, the voice on the other end says, "Congratulations! You've won a trip with all expenses paid except for fuel, travel, food and hotel, to Hawaii! All you have to do is stay on the line, answer a few questions from our scammer rep, err I mean our sales rep, and you will be on your way to Hawaii!"

I answer, "For the freaking millionth time, NO! Stop calling me you stupid jerks!" I hang up.

A split second later, yet another call rings and rings in, while I'm still busy I might add. I answer. This time, before they can say anything, I shout out, "Alright! Who the f*** are you this time? Listen, I told you to stop calling me, you worthless piece of sh**! I'm tired of you and your stupid phone calls! Get lost! Eat my shorts! Don't call me anymore!" I hung up.
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Following these calls, for several days I don't hear from Kissy Myas, a lady I was dating. She doesn't answer my calls either. I start to wonder, "Gee, whatever's happened to her. Is she upset with me? Does she not like me anymore? Did I do or say something wrong? Hmm, and here I thought I was always being really good to her. What gives with her?"

"Sheesh! I don't know, but I suppose she is one woman I may never really understand.
Oh well."

PS: Story is fictional. Or is it?
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A song to accompany this story:

"I Wonder What She's Doing Tonight" by Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart

If I had told her that I loved her
She would have stayed till who knows when
But I guess she couldn't understand it
When I said I wanna be your friend

Because a friend would never doubt you
Or ever put you uptight
And now I wonder what she's doing tonight

Oh yes I wonder what she's doing tonight
Oh I wonder what she's doing tonight

We were so close but we should've been closer
And it's making me feel so sad
But I tell myself I didn't lose her
'Cause you can't lose a friend you never had

Because a friend won't say it's over
And go out just for spite
And now I wonder what she's doing tonight

Oh yes I wonder what she's doing tonight
Oh I wonder what she's doing tonight

Because a friend will always be there
If you're wrong or if you're right
And now I wonder what she's doing tonight

Oh yes I wonder what she's doing tonight
Oh I wonder what she's doing tonight
Kissy looks pretty sexy there might want to call her back. laugh By the way, my gut kind of thinks there is a hint of truth to this blog. doh


I think this kind of thing happens now and then to lots of people. I don't think this is just an isolated incident.

Okay, I'll try to call Kissy again. But, I have a filling, err feeling, if she answers, she's going to tell me off with every bad word in the cussing words book. Sheesh! help
Best would be for you to avoid going anywhere near kissmyas cos she might just whack you one or possibly two laugh

YIKES! That Kissy Myas can be rude and brutal. And - and I'm still wondering what it is I did, that I know of, other than be a real nice gentleman to her. innocent
Hi fun blog I always say they have the wrong number.who needs another wifi package.head banger
I will take the shirt wink
I'd say now would be the right time to live up to her name literally... rolling on the floor laughing
laugh laugh laugh in first instance i block those numbers, secondly robrt dunno did you even check number? kissy may be playing tricks with you doh

Waiting for second part with baited breath laugh teddybear
Hi Bluesky,

I did that too! I told the lady on the phone, "Hey lady, I think you have the wrong phone number."

She replied, "Then what the heck did you answer for?"



Wha -? You mean you would take my shirt? What will I wear if you did that?

Guess I'd have to start eksersizing to look like this without my shirt --> flex
Uh, well, maybe.


sometimes a guy's gotta do what a guy's gotta do to make-up with the lady.

And I still don't know what I did wrong to her. You know me, I would never lie about such a thing, if I didn't have to.

Darn it! frustrated
Hi Exred,

You know, come to think of it, NO, I never did check that number ringing in before answering it and insulting the person on the other end that day.

Wait a minute, you're right!!! Could it be, Kissy is just playing tricks on me so that this year I buy her Christmas Gift and a quality store and not the local Swap Meet? confused

As for a part 2 to this story? That would be the part where I'd have to make up to Kissy by Kissy-ing her @#%^ ! doh

Oops, correction to my reply to your comment:

Wait a minute, you're right!!! Could it be? Kissy is just playing tricks on me so that this year I buy her a Christmas Gift at a quality store and not the local Swap Meet? doh
Could be a second part = maybe check the numbers and if they were scams ring them back and arrange a meet grin of course you would not turn up, or maybe hide behind a corner to see the scammer for real laugh laugh laugh teddybear
LOL Exred,

I don't think they'd show up. Or would they? uh oh

I heard that one way to get rid of them is to keep them on the phone for a long time, or tell them that you'll call them back at the same number they called you, at their earliest INCONVENIENCE.

But, I'm not sure if that would even work against these scam callers. doh
Geese Robert!!! I can't believe that happened, AND... that she stopped calling you just because of that. I believe she's WAY overly sensitive. You don't need that.laugh

Good to see you again. Cool! beer

Yup, maybe Kissy Myas was a bit too sensitive.

I remember a few years back; I took a lady to dinner. She ordered a big dinner. When she ate it, she dug in like an eating machine! She didn't even stop for one moment to breathe.

When I suggested to her, "Hey, hey! Slow down! Stop for a second. Take a moment to breathe! You might get sick or something if you don't!"

She suddenly got real angry, looked up at me with mashed potatoes and other food smudged on her forehead, nose, cheeks, chin, ears, eyebrows and shouted, "Don't f***** tell me how to eat! I'm giving you what you want later tonight! So, eat your food, shut your trap and let me eat as I please!"

As she continued eating, she talked through the eating and said, "Gee wiz! The guy is trying to tell me how to eat. What's up with that?"

Oh well. doh
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