China draws a red line on Pelosi going to Taiwan

What have they got to fear about an 82 year old woman with a drink in her hand? I doubt she is bringing any explosives with her.

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You must remember that the Chinese hate Nancy Pelosi since 1989 when Chinese officials chased Nancy Pelosi out of Tiananmen Square 31 years ago.
Nancy Pelosi landed in Taipei on Tuesday, marking a significant show of support for Taiwan despite China's threats of retaliation over the visit
Just take a look at her track record in this country. Her demise would be GREATLY appreciated.
Hope that wish comes true
Don't know if she got whacked yet but this was her statement after disembarking from the plane:
"Our Congressional delegation’s visit to Taiwan honors America’s unwavering commitment to supporting Taiwan’s vibrant Democracy,"
what ru all reporters or just to be heard ?
that's a reason for china to NOT do anything to her.

they know she's bad for the u.s.

china likes that part of her, i'm sure.

only a very large part of the u.s. would appreciate her demise and thank china for doing something in our favor for a
Definitely not a reporter nor a WANKER.
Is America trying to start a war this way? They seem to be itching to start a war.
Putin told the US he would not start one but if the US does?......................Jennypeace
MMMM why can one country make such a fuss about a women visiting a countryconfused

Yep China warned America about this visit---pe-leeese Who is trying to start a war, China has started already all t do with a women's visit.

We live in a crazy dangerous world
China looks like a paper tiger now , all hat and no ranch .
Rumor has it Pelosi went to Asia to see this amazing drummer... dunno
Chinese scholar } Pelosi is not relevant. China has planned Taiwan invasion-- long time.

McBob. ) ..DNA, since China Joe & Nancy R
Controlled's just another less than thrilling Episode of GENERAL HOSPITAL.

Infectious hospital waste ) Dem Hammer
Corona ) minutemen
Chinatown ) destroyer
.a.r.) Full Communism ) downtown boys
If that person knocked on my door war will be declared for sure.

Or maybe suicide will be contemplated

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Chinese scholar } Pelosi is not relevant. China has planned Taiwan invasion-- long time.

Agentbob never a truer word was spoken thumbs up
What gives with people being unable to make reasonable considered answers to a question which perhaps deserves an answer? Why did she go, what were her objectives, how did she/they expect China to react, what are the consequences, why do Republican Americans in particular react so, who here wishes she were dead? Not reasonable responses - why not think first? (in particular directed at Lindsay, plus most of the others of course). Think first and find some common ground.
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