Hiroshima & Nagasaki , The Scar Of The War

Hiroshima & Nagasaki ...

One of the Most Destructive yet Significant Event in the History of Humanity , History of War , History of Human Civilisation on the Planet Earth...

Not just there were a huge number of Instant Victims , but the huge number of the Sufferers of it's long term aftermath as well...

There could be many Debate upon it ,
But One thing is for Sure ,

Since that event , our World has Changed Completely ,
Not For Better , But For Worst ...

We all are Still Following the Consequences of it ...

A Tribute In The Memory Of All The Innocent Victims Of Wars , Allover The World , Forever ... bouquet

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Hitler is considered the villain of World War II. But America competed to make nuclear weapons. Although many countries were trying to make nuclear weapons in World War II, but America got success. In 1945 there were only two atomic bombs but today there are more than 13000 which are more powerful. Although no one country wants nuclear war but every country wants to have nuclear weapons. One small spark can cause havoc all over the world. If there will be a third world war, then there would be many times more devastation in the world than Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
LittleBoy and FatMan ended World War II but turned the direction of world into a nuclear threat.
The high ambition to remain above all and most powerful will ruin the world.

As long as humans have the instinct of ego, hatred, jealousy, greed, fight, the threat of war will remain.
Good post, Tanzila ... thumbs up

Since the Napoleonic Wars, wars had become Ever Increasingly Deadly -
Culminating with WWII.

Since then - "Only??" 'bout 1 million people / year die due War -
T'would Seem nuclear weapons have raised the Horor of All Out War to a level that countries have Backed Away from it ... For The Past 77 Years Anyway.

Let Us Pray This Continues ...
... please

I'm incapable of bein' Completely Objective regarding the bombings of Hiroshima & Nagasaki - My Dad was in the Philippines preparing to be among the 1st US service personnel to be part of Operation Coronet - The Invasion Of the Japanese Home Islands.

I KNOW That when Enola Gay bombardier Tom Ferrebee announce "Bomb Away" as Little Boy began it's fall to Hiroshima -
He also announced that I'd Be Born.

While the A-Bombs killed circa 200,000 people -
They Also SAVED Many More Lives - US ... And Especially(!!!) Japanese.


I agree with the points that the other members made in their comments..

Personally I think ,
It Was Inevitable ...

The history of human civilisation so far , has Proven One thing Undoubtedly , that ,
Unfortunately Human Intelligence Can Do One Thing BEST , and that is "Turning A Blessing Into A Curse" ..

As soon as Nuclear Fusion has been done successfully , it was just A Matter Of Time to use it to Invent new Weapons ..

If it was not for USA , it would've been some one else .. If it was not Hiroshima and Nagasaki , it would've been some place else .. If it was not during World War II , it would've been some time else ...

But it was just meant to be , by using One Excuse Or Another ...

History Keeps Repeating Itself ..
It's just that We NEVER Learn ...
You Are Right !

EVERY WEAPON that's been KILLED Innocent People in ANY WAR ever , in fact Served the NOBLE PURPOSE to SAVE much more OTHERS !!!

At least that's HOW EVERY ONE who USE those WEAPONS , try to JUSTIFY their ACTIONS ...

It's in fact the SIGNATURE EXCUSE for every DESTROYER , that they will always claim that whatever they do , THEY DO IT FOR THE SAKE OF THE GREATER GOOD ...



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Yep good blog, it could be a warning to other leaders too.

One or maybe two of scientists when seeing what the bomb they had made, committed suicide.

Yep Chernobyl too the nuclear waste cloud covered the world more or less and we see more cancers than ever.

So yes Hiroshima should hit the headlines these days and people who still suffer consequences even unborn off spring have effects.

A warning to the strife in the world today.

Sadness in memories of those lost sad flower sad flower sad flower
Yes.. Those are all Very unfortunate incidents ..

And the Irony is ,
The Research upon Arms & Weapons are becoming even Deadlier day by day , Chemical Weapon , Bio-Chemical Weapon , Cyber Attack and what not !!!!

The list just goes on and on and on ...
Yep dangerouse world we live in.

MMMM i am glad i am the age i am grin the distant future looks bleak
Yaa.. From that angle you guys are Lucky comparing to the rest of us .. hug

But our loved ones , our next generation , they might have to face the greater troubles of future , who knows ..
Yep prospect not good i say transport (beam me up scotty) but that might end up being true teddybear
May be , this is the time , when , we Not Only just Need to Think but also Need to Act , Actively , within our Limited Capability as an Individual ..

We may not be able to directly Interfare into the Policy making process of our Leaders ..
But we can Influence the process Indirectly ..
By raising Protest against Harmful Policies , Challenging them in Court , or at least Changing our Policy Makers Through Elections ...

We should Remember , it's Not just About Us ..
It's about what kind of Future we will Left Behind as Inheritance for our Future Generations , our very Own Loved Ones ,
Just like we are Suffering the Consequences of the Actions taken by our Predecessors !!!!!

Can We Ignore Or Deny Our Responsibility Here ???
And I believe , That ,
If someone Wishes to Do something from their Heart , then they Can Find a Way..

I believe ,
There are Still People out there , Who Listen to their Conscience and Use Their Power of Intelligence For Positive outcomes ...

I would like to look forward to that ...
I Dunn wanna Lose Hope so Easily ...

It is said that the nuclear attack on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was a revenge for Pearl Harbor.
If it is true, then how was it revenge that such people were killed who had no hand in Pearl Harbor.
Why did Oppenheimer mention the BhagavadGita after making the nuclear bomb?

I think that maybe because when Shri Krishna being a God could not stop the war of Mahabharata, then what is the ability of human beings.
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