Impersonating a president...

It's been a fun week in Trump world where he spoke at a rally claiming no other other president in history has been persecuted as he has.
Then he shows up a the LIV Golf tournament at his Bedminster, New Jersey golf course sporting towels and a golf cart bearing the seal of the president of the United States.

According to the Washington Post:
It is against federal law to use the presidential and vice-presidential seals in ways that could convey "a false impression of sponsorship or approval by the Government of the United States."
The story goes on to say:
This is not the first time the display of the seal has been reported at Trump properties.


Reader Comment:
We have passed a point where this former POTUS simply needs to be shut down. Despite having lost the 2020 election, he continues to conduct himself without restraint. He appears in news headlines day after day, which feeds him [regardless of whether it is negative or positive coverage]. It is critical to our democracy and the reputation of America for the madness to be quashed. It would be extremely helpful for the media to refrain from reporting any stories about him until he is indicted. How has the United States of America allowed ONE person to create so much discord and to continually disregard its system of government and its laws?
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It does seem to outsiders that the US loves Trump, or loves to hate him, one of the two. The media seems incapable of simply ignoring him. While his every move is reported, he'll never go away. He's loud, brash, gives his unasked opinion on everything, never stops talking, and you guys all listen so why should he stop?. dunno

He's the Zaphod Beeblebrox of this century - make him President of the Galaxy, surround him with sycophants, quietly strip him of all actual power and try to rebuild. I don't see that you have a choice, or that the media will be satisfied with anything less, and all the hating has nearly destroyed your country.
And to that Reader...
The discord was designed & manufactured in a $tudio. $AG actor Trump was installed-- then removed without voters input....that is what happens when your country goes from a Republic , art.4 sec.4
.to a Democracy .- 1st step towards Communism, Com. Manifesto chpt.2.
At least the Orange has sum thing in common cause with Pelosi, Biden & the high Government official.
He wants to be remembered for op Warp $peed..& this tweet..." The U S A needs to go to six gee as fast as possible.."..
It's a business.
The media makes money when people read their stories.
How's that (political) nerve Bob?
I suggest ice therapy.
20 minutes on and 40 minutes off.
Repeat several times a say.
Optional: Acetaminophen.
Excuse me...I'm not the one stuck on TV.

Where is the pro Biden blog..? there even a go Joe meta page ?
Why can't you see it's not even Joe Biden
Who is telling Joe Biden what to say ?

Democrat machine OWNS all the prime real Estate
In Amerika. Shouldn't we be celebrating that ?
.. asking for FDR. & LBJ.

PS... although you may not recall this quote from the burn ward..." What does it say about the G O P, when their prime Candidate 1$ a Liberal from NYC ?.."
.. liberal bona fides thus established w/ space Force,
Warp Speed Ultra $afe Vaccines, FEMA is fully Cetera. ( .hint 3 ENORMOUS MOVES LEFT..
Maybe I'll do a blog about the former president Donald Trump continuing to use the seal of the president of the United States.'s your brain..

Covert Contracts ) Control Top
Lights, camera, action ) .Mr Cheeks
C....45 ) .the Gaslight Anthem
.2..will do .) .TV on the radio
1. . Pandemic ) . Comethazine
Also ran. ) What made my hamburger disappear ? ) Fred.
Asking this for any computer scientist type...who needs Google regularly..

Does the Warp Speed Corona Force..
.. along with the FBI - CIA, NRO thing
Become a righteous beacon of hope ...
Whenever a Democrat is on Top ?

Dept. Of R A M...) .. everyone @ TV Central was
Enamored with the mythical magic D ticket of
1985....Trump - Winfrey [ D.
.. guess I'm the only one who remembered to think.
Trump is coming to Ireland next week, to his Golf Club resort in Clare, at the Western seaboard. He says ''I love Ireland'. Good for the Irish American Vote in the next election ? Nobody seems apathetic about Trump, they either love or hate him.
I don't know if it's the 50 years of neglecting politics or the end to 500 years of western dominance a time that represents the greatest failure history has ever known. Rome didn't fall from such height and people are gonna fill that fall with a big personality - with or without knowing what's been done to then.
antithetic apathetic sympathetic - there is something about this 'thing' - to me it is shades of Jonestown. How can half of that population steep into such folly!?
He's a world class scam artist.

While he claims to be Christian, ask him to recite any passage from the bible.
He cannot. He's walked out on interviews when they 'call him out' on some BS that he refuses to answer.
^^ eYe have told you 4, 707 times..

Tell A Vision.

All that was needed for Nixon to beat Kennedy*
Is to reverse the R n D...with the press hounding JFK about his many affairs** they would Trumpenstein.

* All the latest Intel. Has Nixon winning if not for Joe Kennedys mob connection$.
** Not the least of which was Cord Meyer' s x wife... Right on up to Nov. 1963.
.. Standby.
Good idea...
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